If there’s one thing I’ve learned this weekend, it’s that I’m never going to fizz again. Half the country is in a heatwave, and half of them, not in a heatwave, feel like they’re in a heatwave. So we’re basically all in a heatwave. The NFL London fans can buy Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins tickets from our website

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The only advantage of sitting inside is that Tom Brady gave us all a mystery to solve over the weekend. And since I refused to go out in the heat, I stayed inside and spent 48 hours in a row trying to fix it. What exactly is this mystery? We’ll cover it in today’s newsletter, and stay in line with Tom Brady’s theme today. We’re also predicting the Buccaneers’ latest record for 2021.

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During the NFL offseason, we want to spice it up every week on the Pick Six Podcast. By adding an email bag for listeners every Friday. And since we didn’t really do one last Friday, we did one for today. In a somewhat related tone. I begin to think that Will Brinson decided to move the mailbag to Monday without telling me. The NFL fans can also buy Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins tickets from our website.

Our mailbag episodes are quite simple: we read listening questions during the show. And then answer as many of these questions as possible. Questions can literally be about anything. I’m pretty sure once we’ve spent 10 minutes talking about the best cereal (I have an unhealthy obsession with Cookie Crisp, Crisp Crisp, Golden Crisp, and probably anything with the word CRISP).

Either way, if you want to submit a question. All you have to do is go to Apple Podcasts and leave a five-star review. For Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets tickets 2021 visit our website.

Jaguars vs Dolphins tickets

 I wanted to pick the Bengals this year to go 17-0, but I didn’t want to laugh from the Internet, so I decided to be a little more realistic. Instead, I have them 9-8. If you want to see how I came up with that 9-8 record. If you want to laugh at me in six months when the Bengals go 5-12, bookmark the page and remind me in January.

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