World number 10 Matteo Berrettini thinks Wimbledon will have no problem attracting top players as he points out that it is a Grand Slam tournament and the tournament will feature a record amount of prize money this year. ATP and WTA have warned Wimbledon to expect sanctions and will keep their promises. Wimbledon 2022 fans can buy Wimbledon Tickets from our website.

In May, the ATP and WTA announced that the ranking points for Wimbledon 2022 will expire. In general, players were unhappy with the relationship between the tennis board and Wimbledon, In April, Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian and Belarusian players and some saw no point in playing a “useless” Wimbledon.

Matteo Berrettini thinks Wimbledon will have no problem attracting top players
Matteo Berrettini thinks Wimbledon will have no problem attracting top players

“It’s a grand slam,” Matteo Berrettini noted. “If I’m not mistaken, the prize money [there] will also be a record this year. So of course everyone wants to play and that’s also because it’s Wimbledon.”

Matteo Berrettini: Wimbledon is one of the most important events in our game

Last year, Matteo Berrettini reached his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon before losing to Novak Djokovic. Berrettini is one of the players most affected by the recent developments as he will experience a significant drop in the rankings after the game.

“It’s one of the most important games we’ve had,” Berrettini added. “I don’t see people saying ‘okay, I’m not going because there are no points’. I think it affects more people who have to defend points and who can get a lot of points.”

For me, reaching the semi-finals at the US Open, for example, changed my career because I qualified for the ATP Finals at the time, and it was still in London at the time. That situation changed everything, so I think it’s not fair to those players either.

But I don’t think anything will change about the tournament. I think everyone will do their best to play and it will be a great Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal at centre surprise reports before Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal has supposedly started preparations on the lawn in what appears to be the key clue to the Spaniard’s Wimbledon prospects.

Questions about the Spaniard’s entry into the All England Club have risen after the Spaniard was photographed on crutches following his 22nd Grand Slam title in the men’s championship at the French Open. Wimbledon 2022 fans can buy Wimbledon Final Tickets from our website.

Nadal trained on the grass in Mallorca, an encouraging sign
Nadal trained on the grass in Mallorca, an encouraging sign

Nadal made history by winning his 14th French Open title and his 22nd Grand Slam, beating four top-10 players in an epic match before lifting the trophy.

However, a week before the French Open, Nadal entered the French Open with a serious injury after a persistent foot injury forced him to limp out of the Rome Open.

The 36-year-old was pictured on crutches after undergoing surgery to help with his foot in Mallorca, just two days after Roland Garros won the title.

Wimbledon kicks off on June 27, raising fears among tennis fans. That the world number four will be banned from the iconic grass-court event with a foot injury.

Spanish news channel EFE

According to the Spanish news channel EFE. Nadal trained on the grass in Mallorca, an encouraging sign that he has a shot at Wimbledon.

Nadal’s former coach and uncle Toni said he believed his cousin would play at SW19.

“Wimbledon will be gone in less than two weeks so let’s see if my cousin is there. I think he will and the treatment is going well,” said Toni in a quote published by Eurosport in Spain.

Nadal’s chronic foot injury required injections of pain during the French Open. So much so that the Spaniard claimed his foot was numb in the French Open final.

Nadal’s lingering pain in his foot is reportedly due to Mueller-Weiss syndrome. Which was partially relieved by surgery in 2021 but still plagues the 36-year-old.

After winning the French Open, Nadal’s doctor made a surprising confession about the extent of the foot problem.

“It seemed like something remarkable to me, it would be a miracle for any normal person. But he was able to do it because he was really a different person,” Angel Ruiz-Cotorro told the Spanish newspaper El Partidazo.

“Instead of numbing your feet so that you don’t feel pain and you can suddenly play. It’s taking on the challenge and isolating yourself from all that feeling and giving you a chance later. Play a few games in these conditions and also against the very opponent’s high level.”

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Nadal's chronic foot injury required injections of pain during the French Open
Nadal’s chronic foot injury required injections of pain during the French Open

“Apart from the rib problem, he doesn’t have the match preparation and rhythm he wants. Only Rafael can do those things.”

Rafael Nadal wary of persistent foot problems

Nadal has twice won the Wimbledon singles title, his most recent success being in 2010. The longest Grand Slam title drought in the Spaniard’s career.

The 36-year-old said last week that his entry into Wimbledon will depend on how well his body tolerates the treatment he is currently undergoing.

“It would be radio frequency injections into the nerves and try to burn a little bit off the nerves and have the effect. That I’m having on the nerves now for a long time,” he said.

“We’re going to try that. If it works, I’ll move on. If that doesn’t work, that’s another story.”

“For example, I wonder if I’m ready to do something big. But I’m not sure if it’s going to go well.”

“Major surgery does not guarantee that I will be competitive again and it will take a long time to recover (which is a risk). So let’s take it to step by step, as I have done during my tennis career.”

Serena Williams’ statement leaves the tennis world in a frenzy

Serena Williams has left fans hysterical when she announced on social media. That she will be returning to the Wimbledon Championships this year.

The 40-year-old has allayed concerns she may be retiring. After a brief tweet on Instagram suggesting she is nearing the end of a year-long tennis hiatus.

The 23-time major singles champion has not played. Since he was sidelined in the first round at Wimbledon 12 months ago with a leg injury. She did not apply for the competition with her protected ranking and therefore was not on the first roster. Wimbledon 2022 fans can buy Wimbledon Tickets from our website.

Serena will be returning to the Wimbledon Championships this year
Serena will be returning to the Wimbledon Championships this year

However, Williams posted on Instagram: “It’s a date. See you in 2022, SW and SW19, On Tuesday”

Of course “SW” is her initial and “SW19” is the UK zip code for Wimbledon.

Wimbledon responded by giving the American superstar a wildcard entry for singles, pushing their scheduled release date by 24 hours.

Then it was revealed that Williams would be back at the Eastbourne event to play doubles against Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur for some grass training.

“I’m excited to be back at Rothesay International Eastbourne in England and back on the grass. The ground has been very good to me throughout my career,” said Williams.

“Eastbourne has a unique charm that you won’t see anywhere else on the tour and I look forward to playing for fans again.”

The Tennis world erupted with Serena Williams’s announcement

Naturally, the news of Serena’s return has excited the tennis world as social media is flooded with posts from her many fans.

Williams’ long absence from the sport dropped her to number 1,208 in the world. But the American would be a nightmarish first-round opponent for any female star.

The American won seven singles titles at Wimbledon, most recently in 2016, reaching finals in 2018 and 2019 (the event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19).

Five British players also received wild cards and two more places were announced. Seven of the eight men’s wildcard slots have also been confirmed, including one for three-time major champion Stan Wawrinka. is the best website to sell Wimbledon 2022 TicketsWimbledon 2022 fans can buy Wimbledon 2022 Tickets at our website.