Who is Real Madrid’s best free-kick taker? At this point in the 2021 to 2022 season, the answer is becoming increasingly obvious to Madridistas. When any squad finds it tough to break through a disciplined opposition that is playing with a solid defensive structure. Fans can purchase Madrid vs FC Barcelona Tickets from our website.

They have a proper pressing system, they have to find different ways to break the deadlock. It needs an extra bit of quality from the players, or even a slice of luck. In such tough situations, set pieces seem like golden chances for a squad.  Free-kicks are the toughest form of set-pieces and they demand some added quality from the players to convert them.

Real Madrid’s best free-kick taker should be obvious to everyone
Real Madrid’s best free-kick taker should be obvious to everyone

But if squads are able to capitalize on free-kicks, squads might get a valuable lead against the run of play. Yesterday, we saw a similar example, as we broke the deadlock with a moment of quality and luck from David Alaba, as the Austrian opened the scoring with deflected free-kick against a spirited FC Sheriff Tiraspol.

The goal has once again reminded us of the standing of free-kicks, as the free-kick goal set the tone for the rest of the competition. Alaba’s goal also gave us a reply to the popular question of who should take the free-kicks for Real Madrid. Because the squad hasn’t been good at converting free-kicks, and it has been a problem for a long time.

Real Madrid have been meager at free-kicks for a while now

The club not ever had a problem with free-kick taking, as long as Cristiano Ronaldo was there at the club. The Portuguese had a status for his knuckleball free-kicks before pending to Madrid. He did entertain the audience in the Bernabeu with his extraordinary talent, scoring a total of thirty-two free-kicks in his nine years with Los Blancos. He had scored them at crucial junctures as well. Showing why he was the number one set-piece taker for the club.

Then ever since the Portuguese left the club, there hasn’t been a strong free-kick taker for the club. And even when Ronaldo was there, there was a clear dip in his free-kick-taking skill at the end of his Real Madrid career, compared to his prime. Post-Ronaldo, a lot of athletes tried their hand at free-kicks.

Existence the captain on the field, Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema took it on themselves. Ramos had even scored a lovely one against RCD Mallorca in June 2020. The midfielders with finesse, Toni Kroos, and Isco, tried a few short free-kicks. While Casemiro had also tried them with his technique that was based on power.

Real Madrid have been meager at free-kicks for a while now
Real Madrid have been meagre at free-kicks for a while now

Being left-footers, Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio had also tried the free-kicks that favoured their preferred foot and shooting style. It was tough to predict who will be taking a free kick. Predicting the outcome of the rock-paper-scissor battle for free-kicks, between Franck Ribery and Toni Kroos, was way easier. Fans can purchase Barcelona vs Madrid tickets from our website.

In spite of having so many players try free-kicks. Real Madrid could score only one free-kick per year from 2018 to 2020. Only in 2021 have we seen two free-kick goals, with the other one being Toni Kroos’ El Clasico strike in April this year. And before yesterday’s goal. The last free-kick Real Madrid had scored in the Champions League was way back in September 2018. When Isco scored a chipped free-kick against Roma to open the scoring.

Scoring a goal is more important Real Madrid’s than the way a squad gets that goal. But the lack of quality did hurt Real Madrid at some point or the other when you consider the fact that the squad’s direct rivals FC Barcelona won a handful of sports thanks to the world-class free-kick taker in Lionel Messi. The squad had to improve the conversion rate, and above all, the squad needed to have a fixed free-kick taker.

But now the squad has an excellent free-kick taker in David Alaba

Decided that the free-kick goal against Sheriff was out of luck, then it was a well-struck free-kick from David Alaba nonetheless. It gave us an idea of the Austrian’s exceptional technique and made a lot of us realize that he is indeed the squad’s best free-kick taker.

 The squad has an excellent free-kick taker in David Alaba
The squad has an excellent free-kick taker in David Alaba

Technique-wise, he is absolutely bright. Though he is a left-footed performer, he can score them from angles that are fit for right-footed players as well. His body gets into an exceptional position, and he leaves the ball with the perfect pace and finesse. There are other excessive Real Madrid’s free-kick takers in the squad. But I doubt if anyone comes so near to Alaba in free-kicks, except for Toni Kroos, who strength be the second-best.

And reputation-wise, Real Madrid’s Alaba is a confirmed free-kick taker. According to MARCA, David Alaba has scored a total of eleven free-kicks in his occupation, which is further than the combined number of free-kicks scored by everybody else in their careers.

If you want to know further about Alaba’s set-piece ability, have a look at this video, which will make it more obvious that Alaba is the best free-kick taker in Real Madrid. I would like to conclude this article with just one further sentence. We signed David Alaba on a free transfer.

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