KOESIO and SUPPORTABLETEAM, this pledge is in line with the group’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and its presence in France. The provision of refurbished printing equipment for the various sites and the organizing committee teams. Rugby World Cup Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Koesio aims to participate in the event and provide all operational teams with the necessary
Koesio aims to participate in the event and provide all operational teams with the necessary

Positive impact on the environment and society: a common goal

In accordance with the social and environmental commitments made by the 2023 French Organizing Committee. Koesio aims to participate in the event and provide all operational teams with the necessary printing equipment. Through equipment renovated by the Koesio team at the Eole site in valence. After the match. The machines will be made available to local rugby clubs in line with France’s strong commitment until 2023.


As for Koesio, since its foundation 30 years ago. It is aware of its responsibility for the territory, and society. The planet by expanding its CSR actions and innovations in this area. Creating a printing equipment overhaul site. Launching the Koesio Foundation for Employees Financing projects undertaken. Certification by the Great Place To Work Institute. As a “Fit to Work Company” reduction of the company’s carbon footprint, and more.

France 2023 and KOESIO: local actors involved in the region

With the Rugby World Cup 2023 opening in less than a year and a half. The French Rugby Tour 2023 will travel to more than 50 cities. Across the country for festivities between July and November 2022. This is a great chance for Koesio to mobilize 180 agencies across the country and launch a Sustainable Team escapade.

Gilles PERROT, Managing Director of Koesio, said: “Koesio places great emphasis on its dense geographic network, which guarantees our close relationship with our customers and partners. It is this on-site presence, unique for a digital services company, that is completely in-house for the flawless response of our team every day and the full availability of our customer service.”

Pieric BRENIER, Chairman of Koesio
Pieric BRENIER, Chairman of Koesio

“Even within its borders, Koesio is committed to taking concrete and broad actions. That is why we support various local associations and sports clubs in each region where we are located.”

Chairman of Koesio

Pieric BRENIER, Chairman of Koesio, said: “At Koesio, we are aligned with the values of rugby: teamwork, unity, passion, respect. These are qualities that are essential in a team, whether in sport or in business. But most importantly, we are 100% committed to the responsible vision of the organizers of this competition. Corporate Social Responsibility has been in our DNA since its inception. This partnership is an opportunity to show it again and present itself as #Sustainable Team Koesio. Because our relationships with our employees, customers, and partners are sustainable. We do our best to stay sustainable with the territory and the planet.”

Claude ATCHER, CEO of France 2023, said: “We want to prove that it is not just about words. But that international sporting event such as the Rugby World Cup can play a role in solving. Social and environmental problems today and in the future real role. With concrete assurances like Koesio’s, with intimacy and responsibility at the core of his goal. We will fulfill our ambition to organize games with a positive influence”.

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