John Fury is unhappy with his son Tyson’s U.S. team for setting fire to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) order to fight Deontay Wilder for a third time. The Gypsy King was originally entered into a fight with Anthony Joshua in the world heavyweight title fight. The biggest heavyweight clash in recent times has tentatively been set for August 14 in Saudi Arabia. The fans can buy Anthony Joshua tickets 2021 from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

However, after months of strife between the two sides, fury vs. AJ withdrawn when CAS ruled that Fury contractually obliged to offer Wilder another fight.

Joshua vs Fury tickets: Tyson Fury’s father gives explosive interview slamming his son over Anthony Joshua Collapse

The decision clearly surprised the undefeated Gypsy King: Just 24 hours before the fight with AJ pulled, Fury announced to fans on social media that he still there.  Tyson’s father, John Fury, has now verbally approached his son’s U.S. team and promoter Bob Arum about the shameful debacle. “I was told that arbitration is not a problem. Suddenly it’s a problem. The fans can also buy Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury tickets from our website.

“This arbitration could have crushed in December, but it not crushed. I can smile all day. The public knows they’re not stupid Garbage. “Both men can beat. AJ can beat, and so can Tyson.

“Everyone seems to be doing what Bob Arum says. They probably have their own intentions, but it’s all about the money and what they’re going to do. “All this is good for the Americans because they never wanted a Saudi fight, right? Tyson wanted it, I wanted it, and everybody wanted it.”

As a passive viewer, your writer tries to disagree with John Fury – something seems to go on in all of this and almost certainly rooted in money and greed. Another man who agrees with John Fury and Eddie Hearn is the WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Since then, AJ has said he has “plenty of time to talk to Fury Snr.”

As John Fury says, it’s not that Wilder can’t knock Fury out – we all know he can if he connects. It’s just that this trilogy fight shouldn’t exist, and from the sound of it, Wilder doesn’t even ask for it!?

This means that perhaps the most interesting of all John Fury’s comments and more than probably the one that prompted AJ to invite him for a pint is the one below:

“The American Boxing Fraternity was ashamed of the latest escapades.

“Why don’t you stand aside for $20 million without a fight when you guaranteed a chance to win when you fighting for much less than $20 million and you run the risk of having your skull broken again?”

“It doesn’t make sense on your part. It is therefore clear that the powers involved, of course, involved. They’re making decisions, and they’ve imprisoned both men, right?

Joshua vs Fury tickets: Tyson Fury’s father gives explosive interview slamming his son over Anthony Joshua Collapse

“I’d just say, ‘Listen, there’s your belt, keep it. There’s your belt; I’m fighting AJ. Or, if you want to fight, no problem. I’ll fight you in Saudi,’ and then the Saudis are happy because they’ve gone through a lot of trouble, those people. For Tyson Fury tickets 2021 visit our website.

“They’ve gone through a lot of running around with a lot of expense. They deserve better than what’ happened. I just feel like they’ve done it all wrong.” is the best website for boxing tickets. The boxing fans can buy Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury tickets 2021 from our website at massively discounted prices.