The Jacksonville Jaguars opened their first live event to the media this weekend with their rookie minicamp, giving coaches, fans, and observers a first look at the team’s rookie class. Which includes a number of veterans and tryouts. This is the first time Jaguars head Coach Doug Pederson has taken the field and gotten a feel for his new players who will be relied on this season. NFL fans can buy NFL London Tickets from our website.

“We’re really trying to see what these guys can do,” Pederson said Friday. The first day of the team’s three-day rookie minicamp.

Walker worked with outside linebackers coach Bill Shuey and Norfolk state rookie
Walker worked with outside linebackers coach Bill Shuey and Norfolk state rookie

“We wanted to challenge them in the classroom and then of course take it to the practice track and really show them their talent, have them play fast, protect each other on the outside, just learn how we do things here. [Those] are all something I will search in the coming days.”

While Pederson has previously worked on the floor with the team’s veterans during the Jacksonville Jaguars minicamp. He’s excited to see the team’s newcomers, who will compete for a spot on the 90-man roster. They succeeded and will end on May 15 with a shorter practice session without veterans.

“It’s a weekend where the rookies don’t have to feel the pressure of having veterans, we can focus on them, let them catch up, and then on Monday we will join hands and move on to phase 2,” Pederson said.

“It is an exciting time, an exciting time for me and of course also for our organization.”

The nature of mini camps, practice with no mats and no contact during the off-season, doesn’t get much out of it. However, seeing players running around and touching grass with rookie draft picks gives us an idea of why teams pick or sign them in the first place.

Here are some observations and notes from the Jaguar’s rookie minicamp:

Travon Walker is all about business and it seems it matters

Before anyone got up, we knew it was just a mini-camp; the players were not on the mat and there was no contact at all. Physically, however, you can still gain insight into how the player is doing once the pad goes in. Simply put, Walker looks like one of the guys on the grill at TIAA Bank Field.

Walker worked with outside linebackers coach Bill Shuey and Norfolk state rookie OLB Da’Shaan Dixon. The top of the Jaguars – Pederson and general manager Trent Barker – stressed that Walker just needs to play and learn a position, and it looks like that plan is coming to fruition.

Walker clung to Shuey’s side when Shuey asked him out loud to answer questions about responsibilities. Sometimes Walker knows right away, sometimes not, but the progress he’s made in the team’s playbook is palpable.

Walker said he felt more comfortable in the outer linebacker position
Walker said he felt more comfortable in the outer linebacker position

In 7-on-7 practice, Walker looked fluid in his two days open to the media, able to dodge coverage with ease and demonstrate his quick reflexes and explosiveness to approach a perceived target. On the first day of minicamp, Walker was ordered to fall back to cover the running back.

For the rookie, quarterback E.J. Perry take a shot and Walker closed the gap, compelling Perry to move to another goal.

The look and fluidity should be enough to get people excited – for now.

Weighing in at 6 feet-5 and 272 pounds, Walker looks full.

On Friday, Walker said he felt more comfortable in the outer linebacker position over time. Now able to focus on just one position.

“I’m always slogging and slogging in the world of outside linebackers. But by being strict with outside linebackers in practice, I feel like I’m really starting to get used to that position and learn from that position.” to more techniques without having to learn so many different positions.”

No major injuries this weekend

Indeed, the most important aspect of this weekend’s Jacksonville Jaguars minicamp is that none of the players involved appear to be injured. In fact, there were very few times when the players were even standing on the floor. Not getting injured this weekend is part of Pederson’s goal.

“It is clear that we want to leave healthy and unharmed. We emphasize that” Pederson said on Friday.

The Jaguars can – or so it seems.

Several UDFA passers stand out

No need for another disclaimer here, but several players brought in to catch the ball have been impressive in the past few days.

Central Arkansas UDFA receiver LuJuan Winningham had some impressive midfield steals on Saturday. As did UDFA tight end Naz Bohannon, a former Clemson basketball player.

While UDFA WR Kevin Austin has been the talk of the town since his Notre Dame signing. Winningham also seems to be a big deal, showing off his strong hand all day long and will take credit. The credit goes to a player rarely mentioned before and even went along with the draft when he signed in Jacksonville.

When asked about the young player, Pederson named Austin, who was limited to a year at Notre Dame, suspended for one year, and injured another year.

“He’s always been a man, clearly a talented player, and as recipients, [we] are really excited to bring him here and really work with him. Again, with all these young guys, we just want them to show their talents.” show from the classroom to the field and really begin the competitive process.

“Obviously he’s a guy who can do that and clearly provides the depth we need in the receiver, especially if you go to training camp to get the stats. But hey, [we] are pretty good at it. Happy to work with him.”

Jaguars' fifth-round pick-up Snoop Conner from Ole Miss could play Saturday's ball
Jaguars’ fifth-round pick-up Snoop Conner from Ole Miss could play Saturday’s ball

Snoop Conner Looks Smooth While Drilling

While much of the focus was rightly so on the team’s first few draft picks. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ fifth-round pick-up Snoop Conner from Ole Miss could play Saturday’s ball. His presence was palpable during the team’s RB training.

During race runs, he seemed to go in and out of rest periods smoothly, and for a 5-foot-10, 222-pound man, he was quick on his feet. Conner is expected to be part of the team’s RB rotation this year, with James Robinson and Travis Etienne returning from injury.

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded Conner for Conner, who has certainly looked into the role thus far and received high praise from RB coach Bernie Parmalee throughout the day.

LB’s Chad Muma and Devin Lloyd Team Up

It’s safe to say there has been some chemistry between the team’s two linebackers who were drafted – Lloyd, a first-round pick this year, and Muma, a third-round pick (No. 70). The players often train together and spend the weekend defending the first team.

When they hear their voices from the Jacksonville Jaguars coaches. They will constantly yell and adapt, giving them all the knowledge they need to adapt as the off-season continues. Both players looked at ease, although Lloyd adjusted somewhat in the transition to a 3-4 defense.

“It’s my first 3-4, but I think it’s great,” Lloyd said of the team’s defense on Saturday. “If you look at the people we have, we don’t even practice with vets or anything like that. But even with the people, we have now, everyone is athletic.

Lloyd and Muma take the time each day after training to tackle things
Lloyd and Muma take the time each day after training to tackle things

“Everyone has to do a lot of things that suit my skills. I just love what the coaches do here, and what they ask of the players. How we attack and the mentality we have in defense.”

Lloyd and Muma take the time each day after training to tackle things. They may not have been so keen during the day, showing their maturity and desire to get better.

“We push each other to get better,” Lloyd said of Muma. “I mean, even after the training, we got extra work and helped each other in the conference room. Basically, it was just kind of being there for each other. We competed against each other, but at the same time, we were all good people. So we like each other and see do better.”

On Friday, Muma spoke about his relationship with Lloyd from a communications perspective, even highlighting its importance early on.

“From now on, we’re pushing each other to get better every day, and there’s always [there] communication, we make decisions about both, and we have that leadership on both sides of the defense. I think it was huge today as well,” said Muma. is the best website for all sports and NFL London Tickets.  The Fans can buy Broncos Vs Jaguars Tickets  from our website