The Golf resort developers behind determined strategies to build a luxury golf resort in Bolton are appealing to the planning agency’s decision to reject the proposals. Peel L&P’s tactics for historic Hulton Park were permitted by the Secretary of State in 2020, on the condition. That the venue wins the prestigious Ryder Cup golf tournament in 2031 or 2035. Ryder Cup fans can buy Ryder Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Peel L&P's and Golf resort developers tactics for historic Hulton Park were approved by the Secretary of State in 2020
Peel L&P’s tactics for historic Hulton Park were approved by the Secretary of State in 2020

But in February, councillors overwhelmingly voted against a revised vision for the site. Which also includes 1,036 residences, a primary school, short-break accommodation, a hotel, a conference centre, and a village auditorium.

Despite rejections and dozens of objections from local residents. Peel told Manchester Evening News they remained “confident” in the site’s Ryder Cup bid. Acknowledging they could still implement the Foreign Secretary’s approved proposal even if the appeal was rejected.

A spokesperson said: “The revised and improved development. We are requesting is also covered by the Ryder Cup and will only go ahead if we get the Ryder Cup. We still have planning permission for the original development plan and can execute it. The plan is if the Ryder Cup conditions are met.”

Richard Knight

Richard Knight, director of planning and strategy at Peel L&P, said of the appeal decision. “We have received planning permission to redevelop and restore. Golf resort developers Hulton Park following the 2020 Secretary of State’s approval. So we are very sorry for the Bolton Commission Disappointed. We rejected our revised and improved plan as it required more local feedback and was indeed a generational opportunity to invest in Bolton and improve the area.”

“An investment of this magnitude will only happen if Hulton Park is a Ryder Cup winner. We remain committed to supporting development as we know how much it will bring to Bolton and the North West. Benefits include better housing options and more employment opportunities. Improved transportation, new health and wellness facilities, and a community-wide golf academy.

Golf resort developers Helton Park remains shortlisted for the British Ryder Cup bid
Helton Park remains shortlisted for the British Ryder Cup bid

“It’s an ambitious plan, but Bolton deserves it and needs it. We want locals to be proud of what their town has achieved and support these revised plans. As opportunities like these don’t come around every day and the benefits last a lifetime comes along.”

Peel L&P’s

Peel said the revised scheme was worth £1.6 billion in socio-economic benefits and would create 1,000 new jobs in Bolton over 20 years. A new “Park Avenue” will also be built through the site. Which Peel says will help relieve Westhoughton’s congestion.

A spokesperson said: “Prior to the funding decision in the recent spring budget. We expected to work within this timeframe, but shortly after the planning decision. We were informed that the UK government had suspended the selection process. Due to macroeconomic concerns that could affect government funding.”

“Following the appeal decision, Helton Park remains shortlisted for the British Ryder Cup bid. Which is expected to restart in 2023. We are committed and confident in our position. Otherwise, we would not have gone ahead. is the best website for all Golf tickets and Ryder Cup 2023 Tickets. The Ryder Cup fans can buy Ryder Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.