Martin Gleeson, England’s new offensive coach, believes he can match his friend Shaun Edwards and play a key role at the top level of the International Rugby League in the two years before the 2023 Rugby World Cup France. Rugby Fans can buy rwc 2023 Tickets from our website.

 Martin Gleeson, England's new offensive coach
Martin Gleeson, England’s new offensive coach

The former Rugby League centre played 20 times for the United Kingdom. He won the Super League twice as a player. Before accepting Eddie Jones’s offer to join the national team. He only spent two years with the Hornets. But he believed he can help bring some extra enthusiasm and accuracy to England’s attacking play.

Born in Wigan, 41-year-old Gleeson used to go to Edwards’ house to study game videos and analyze the methods of outsmarting the defence. Now he hopes to help England win from the heart. Among other things, the French defence is now consistently successful Edwards.

“When he was the Wales coach, Shaun Edwards has been a big influence on my entry into the Rugby League. I visited him all year round,” said Gleeson at the end of a short training camp in Teddington, England.

When I was playing in the league, he asked me questions about the defense.

“This really started to spark my interest in games, we’ll have a good chat, and I’m going to his house. Shaun clearly played and succeeded in Wigan, where I come from. I’ve watched him grow up. His great influence.”

After taking a close look at England’s players in recent days. Gleeson’s goal is to help them improve their scoring percentage against top opponents after his predecessor Simon Amor has left.

Martin Gleeson

“We create chances and take most of them, I like to play in a way, Gleeson confirmed. “Work in a wider channel, create opportunities at the edge and complete them. They can do other things that they haven’t seen before, they just run things and break defences.

The French defense is now consistently successful Edwards
The French defense is now consistently successful Edwards

“England is always good at positioning and defending, so we want to increase this through our attacking play. We have some good attacking players so this is to build confidence and knowledge to give.” how of the players to flourish on the big stage. You have to play in a way that suits your existing players. When you have players who are more suited to other things, you can’t try to play one way.”

Gleeson can also provide some useful points. If hard times materialize, he will have to build a coaching career after a few off-field problems. Including his ban on gambling rules in 2004 and during his time as a Hull Football Club player. Doping ban in 2011, Gleeson and others tested positive for banned doping in energy supplements. They believed had been inspected and approved for use by the club. is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.