Ghana’s Black Stars have already qualified for a trip to Qatar later this year, but our bid for the FIFA World Cup 2022 looks set to be weighed down by the weight of history. We are sure that a victory always comes with a defeat. You have to beat someone to win. What people call a “win-win” doesn’t exist in real life, and even more so in football. FIFA World Cup 2022 Fans can buy Ghana Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

Ghana's Black Stars have qualified for a trip to Qatar FIFA World Cup later this year
Ghana’s Black Stars have qualified for a trip to Qatar later this year

Sometimes you celebrate not when you win, but when you beat someone else. We know failures in Ghana. If you follow our national soccer team, the Black Stars, you know the heartbreak of life. So after these latest World Cup qualifiers, it’s an ordeal that causes high blood pressure.

In the end, we have to beat South Africa and Nigeria to get to Qatar. The record books will show that the second of the two qualifiers in South Africa and Ghana took place here in Ghana and a draw was out of the question – we had to beat them – so we did.

The South Africans, still heartbroken by that defeat, tried in vain to get FIFA to overturn the result based on what they believed to be a series of “questionable results” by referees.

When Ghana first qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and travelled to Germany. We had to beat South Africa, our second win of two matches in Johannesburg.

This time the South Africans are not taking it lightly. They are united in the hope that we can lose to Nigeria.

In the last game against Nigeria, at the Abuja Stadium, we could feel the common prayers of South Africans and Nigerians. But we survived and emerged as winners. Beating Nigeria is a whole different empire – it has no logic or reason.

If you are Ghanaian there is nothing more painful than losing to Nigeria. We know that losing a football match against Ghana is not only painful but also provocative for our Nigerian cousins. Nigerians can lose to anyone, but they find losing to Ghana unbearable.

Ghana FIFA World Cup took place here in Ghana and a draw was out of the question
Ghana took place here in Ghana and a draw was out of the question

On the way to Qatar, not only did Ghana’s qualifying campaign prove to weigh heavily on history. We also have a worrying history with two other Group H competitors.

How could a Ghanaian forget Uruguay and a certain Luis Suarez during the 2010 world cup in South Africa? When Suarez knocked the ball out of the net, we were close to securing a place in the semi-finals.

It was also a game in which our usually reliable Asamoah Gyan missed a penalty and we ended up losing to Uruguay on penalties.

Portugal is also in Group H, but it is not their star player Cristiano Ronaldo who is inspiring feelings here. The last time Ghana played against Portugal in the World Cup was in Brazil in 2014 – a game we miss very much.

That was when Ghana was infamous, not because of our football, but for all the wrong reasons. As our national team prepares to play against Portugal, our players issue an ultimatum and refuse to play unless they see – and hold in their hands – the allowance promised to them. The Ghanaian government then had to charter a flight to transport the money from Accra to Brazil. is the best website for all sports and Football World Cup Tickets. The World Cup 2022 fans can buy Ghana Vs Uruguay Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.