Geno Smith will take the top spot in the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback’s winning game. The veteran will start his first preseason game in Seattle against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. NFL London fans to buy NFL London Tickets from our website.

Smith entered training camp with a slight lead over Drew lock, earning the starting spot to kick off the 2022 campaign.

Geno Smith will take the top spot in the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback's
Geno Smith will take the top spot in the Seattle Seahawks’ starting quarterback’s

“He’s still going with the guys that (and) he’s going to start this weekend,”

Coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday via The Associated Press. “He had a very satisfying day today and threw some great shots today.”

But Lock has come a long way in the new attack. In Saturday’s mock game, the signalman impressed the spectators by moving the offence with short throws and avoiding the big mistakes that plagued his time in Denver.

“I think it’s his most solid performance. He’s had a really good day too, but I think it’s the best in the situation,” Carroll said of Lock.

“I really like his composure and how comfortable he is in the bag, the handling, the adjustments, the decisions he has to make on the line of scrimmage, all very well.”

While attending NFL Network’s Inside Training Camp Live on Tuesday, Smith declined to say where he was in the game against Lock, preferring to stick to the coaching staff’s wish to keep quiet about the situation.

“I don’t want to give too much information here,” he said. “I think you’ll get that information from the coaches. But I’m looking forward to the game this week. We’ll let those deciding factors happen as much as possible.”

With the Seahawks going up against Russell Wilson and the Broncos in Week 1, Carroll may have designed the veteran to start the season against his former QB. Smith was excellent as a substitute for Wilson last season.

The veteran said he is not worried about the game against Rock as preseason approaches.

Smith was excellent as a substitute for Wilson last season
Smith was excellent as a substitute for Wilson last season

“It’s like one game. One game at a time,” Smith told NFL Network. “You don’t get too focused. Run, do your job, and like I said, everything else is something else. You can only be yourself. My goal is to get better every day.”

So far the game is going as expected. As Carroll’s trusted offensive veteran, Smith has secured the most representation in the first team. But Lock has steadily improved. Drums begin to see the young QB gain more reputation, but Carroll continues to play closer to the vest.

“It just takes some time,” the coach told NFL Network.

“We have to present our opportunities all the time, and we’ve worked hard to create them. We collect a lot of information for us, and it works well.”

Pre-season performance can change the balance. If Lock shines while Smith struggles, Carroll may need to change the order. Smith opened the exhibition roster as a starter, giving him his first chance to capture the track. NFL London Seahawks Vs Buccaneers fans to buy Seahawks Vs Buccaneers Tickets from our website.

Unless the Seahawks are up against whomever the starter wins, it’s easy to imagine both quarterbacks have a chance sometime in 2022.

Seahawks may have the next Richard Sherman in Tariq Woolen

If you weigh six feet, 205 pounds, and like Tariq Woolen did at the NFL Scouting Combine in 2022, you usually don’t last long over draft weekend.

That was not the case for Woolen, the 58th overall player on our board who waited until the fifth round to hear his name.

The lucky team that selected him with the 153rd pick in this year’s draft? The Seattle Seahawks, a club that stole one or two corners in the fifth round with rare mental and physical aids.

In 2011, the Seahawks released the #154 pick on a huge solid angle named Richard Sherman of Stanford University, who made three consecutive All-Star first-team appearances during his tenure in Seattle.

Seahawks may have the next Richard Sherman in Tariq Woolen
Seahawks may have the next Richard Sherman in Tariq Woolen

It would be unfair to compare anyone to Sherman, who may have had the best corner of his career, thanks in large part to his rare combination of intuition, intelligence and competitiveness, and impressive height and height.

But it’s impossible not to make a connection between Sherman’s rapid development as the dominant force in the “Prosperity Legion” and Woolen’s early return during the first training camp:

Why did rookie Tariq Woolen rise to the starting right-back position?

Pete Carroll said he “cleaned up his game…he was all over college (UTSA).”

“Like Richard.”

Yes, that’s Sherman, and how he improved so quickly as a rookie for the Seahawks over a decade ago.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was right when he pointed out that Woolen’s college films at UTSA were inconsistent at best. Despite his rare physical talent, Woolen’s technique is often sloppy and sometimes not present at all.

That said, you can’t teach the infrequent arrangement of size and athleticism that Woolen brings. He’s proven to be the kind of coachable player who can do the work necessary to maximize those traits to the next level.

While most will focus on how the Seattle Seahawks offence reacts after Russell Wilson’s departure. The Seahawk’s defence also has plenty of questions to answer if the team is to remain competitive this year and beyond. NFL London Seahawks Vs Buccaneers fans to buy Seattle Seahawks Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tickets from our website.

It looks like they have a future star in Woolen. A potential cornerstone player that could build a secondary league around them. As they did with Sherman during their Super Bowl glory days.

Seahawks Sign Veteran CB Jameson Houston

As the 2022 NFL season looms, the Seattle Seahawks will have an active outdoor season. Follow for all the latest news, comments and offers below.

The Seattle Seahawks signed veteran cornerback Jameson Houston
The Seattle Seahawks signed veteran cornerback Jameson Houston

Seahawks Sign Veteran CB on 11 August, Waive OL

Needing some depth in the second tier this preseason, the Seattle Seahawks signed veteran cornerback Jameson Houston.

Houston previously played for the Browns, Panthers, Hawks and Jaguars in his first two NFL seasons and played in three games for the Eagles as a rookie. He was undrafted by Baylor in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Houston most recently played for the NFL’s Michigan Panthers.

To make way for Houston on the roster, the Seahawks forego offensive linebacker Keenan Forbes.

On August 6 Duane Brown visits the Jets

Free-agent tackle Duane Brown will visit the New York Jets on Saturday and will be present at the team’s scrimmage.

Brown, who turns 37, will play for the Seattle Seahawks later this month for the 2017-21 season.

Brown started all but four of his last four seasons with the Seahawks.

Seahawks signs rookie LB, CUT TE on August 5

The Seattle Seahawks made several minor trades on Friday, with Jake Hausman cutting the tight end to make way for rookie linebacker Jole Dublanko.

Dublanko, who was drafted by Cincinnati in the 2022 NFL Draft, signed an unsigned free agent deal with the Saints. He was later released.

In his final year with the Pandas, Dublanko was captain and was named a member of the AAC first team. He led the team with 113 steals.

Update July 28

Seattle Seahawks star wide receiver DK Metcalf is arguably one of the most talented players. In the NFL, regardless of position. And now he’s being paid for it, with the 24-year-old signing a three-year $72 million extension.

His new contract includes $58.2 million in guaranteed money and a $30 million signing bonus. Metcalf’s bonus was reportedly the highest ever for a wide receiver. is the best website to buy NFL London Tickets.