France RWC Team ended their 2022 campaign on a high note, securing their third victory over Japan in the Autumn Nations Series. With a perfect winning record of 10 out of 10 matches, they joined New Zealand (2013) and England (2016). As the only men’s teams from established nations to achieve a clean sweep in a calendar year during the professional era. RWC fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

This remarkable achievement, combined with their first Grand Slam in 12 years, solidified France RWC Team as a top contender for the Rugby World Cup 2023. Despite sending a shadow squad to Japan in July.

They won the series 2-0 and continued their winning streak by defeating Australia, South Africa, and Japan again on consecutive weekends in November. Shaun Edwards, the team’s defense coach, attributed their success to a training approach that emphasized less training and more recuperation.

Throughout the year, Les Bleus showcased their attacking prowess. Damian Penaud emerged as the leading try-scorer among established nations with eight tries.

France RWC Team Assistant Coach Shaun on France’s perfect year
France RWC Team Assistant Coach Shaun on France’s perfect year

However, their defense, led by Edwards, played an equally vital role, conceding the fewest tries per match (1.7) compared to any other team. During the Autumn Nations Series, France recorded the second-lowest number of penalties. With only Italy conceding fewer (29), and remarkably.

They received no yellow cards throughout the year. The only blemish in their disciplinary record was Antoine Dupont’s red card in the 30-26 victory over South Africa in the penultimate game of the season.

France RWC Team Playing Themselves into Form

After reflecting on the remarkable year, Shaun Edwards has provided a comprehensive analysis. Scrutinizing each game and block of matches, and acknowledging that the year did not begin on the most positive note.

According to Edwards, the team faced challenges during their initial training camp. In the first week. Some players were affected by COVID-19 and others were dealing with minor injuries.

Typically, the team would focus on intense training during this period, but due to the circumstances, they were unable to do so at the desired level. Instead, they had to gradually build their form through matches. The game against Italy was a turning point in finding their rhythm.

France RWC Team Playing Themselves into Form
France RWC Team Playing Themselves into Form

Despite the convincing 37-10 score line in favor of France at the Stade de France. The Azzurri made their presence known by scoring the opening try towards the end of the first quarter through newcomer Tommaso Menoncello.

At halftime, Italy was only two points behind, but a hat trick by Gabin Villiers in the second half-allowed France RWC Team to extend their lead. Edwards expressed satisfaction with the team’s ability to handle the situation despite a less-than-ideal start.

Instead of attempting to resolve the situation immediately or forcing risky plays. The team adopted a patient approach due to the wet conditions and challenging weather.

They gradually regained momentum by strategically kicking for territory, earning penalties, and scoring tries. Edwards praised the team for their mature handling of the situation. Acknowledging Gabin Villiere’s exceptional performance and emphasizing his positive character.

France RWC Team Passing the Big Test against Ireland

While acknowledging the capabilities of Italy, which demonstrated its value throughout the year. It is undeniable that the match against Ireland in the second round of the 2022 Six Nations was a significant concern for the French team.

Edwards candidly admitted that Ireland had been in excellent form, and the players were fully aware of the immense challenge that lay ahead for both teams. France RWC Team took the lead from the early moments.

When Antoine Dupont scored after 67 seconds, the outcome of the match remained uncertain until referee Angus Gardner blew the final whistle. Following an intense battle in Paris, France RWC Team emerged victorious with a score of 30-26.

Edwards expressed satisfaction with their ability to convert defensive efforts into points during the game. The team demonstrated dominance in the ruck, a crucial aspect when facing Ireland, known for its excellence in that area.

In rugby, the symbiotic relationship between defense and attack is crucial, as they mutually support and enhance each other. Being proficient in both aspects brings significant advantages. Despite being outscored three tries to two, Edwards emphasized the importance of balance.

He pointed out the try by Mack Hansen, the Ireland winger who skillfully caught the ball in mid-air from a restart. While wearing a scrum cap, served as a wake-up call for the French Rugby World Cup Team. RWC fans can buy Rugby World Cup Final Tickets from our website.

Over the past year, the team has dedicated significant effort to improving its ability to handle restarts. Particularly in terms of quickly transitioning out of their half. Edwards highlighted the importance of this aspect, likening it to a crucial third set piece in the game.

France RWC Team Passing the Big Test against Ireland
France RWC Team Passing the Big Test against Ireland

France RWC Team Coach Galthie Masterstroke Reaps Its Rewards

Following consecutive wins, the French squad took a break to spend quality time with their families. Allowing them to rejuvenate and replenish their energy reserves ahead of the upcoming matches against Scotland, Wales, and England.

Fabien Galthie, France RWC Team head coach, made a brilliant decision by allowing the players to return home during the break. They were given training plans to follow individually. And the team reconvened on the following Sunday.

Recognizing the potential toll of an eight to nine-week training camp, Galthié opted to provide the players with additional rest and recovery time. A decision that undoubtedly contributed to France’s victory in the Six Nations.

France RWC Team Rewriting History at Murray Field

After securing two victories on their home turf, France RWC Teamfaced the challenge of traveling to Murray Field in round three, a venue. Where they had experienced defeat in their three previous Six Nations encounters.

Nevertheless, France delivered an exceptional performance, defying recent history with a resounding 36-17 victory. Edwards disclosed that the team was immensely motivated for the game. As the memory of past defeats served as a powerful driving force.

On that particular day, Romain Ntamack displayed a magnificent performance, while Antoine Dupont excelled in his defensive duties. Edwards noted that when the halfbacks are in top form, it often reflects positively on the overall team performance.

Backs-To-The-Wall Win in Wales

Securing a victory against Scotland marked another important stride towards achieving the coveted Six Nations Grand Slam. However, a formidable challenge awaited France RWC Team in the form of an away match against Wales.

This win held a particular significance for Edwards, given his prior role as their former defensive coach. The 13-9 triumph carried a special significance for him. One of the wonderful aspects of rugby is that some individuals enjoy high-scoring matches.

With scores like 35-34, others appreciate intense, strategic contests characterized by strong defensive performances, closely contested set pieces, and strategic kicking battles.

Edwards personally identifies with the latter category, finding great value in these types of matches. While Edwards appreciates and enjoys witnessing tries. He clarifies that his preference is for tries that benefit his team rather than the opposition.

In the match under discussion, the defense aimed to stifle the attacking side. Edwards acknowledges. The exceptional quality of Dan Biggar’s kicking game during that evening, considering to be of an excellent standard.

He acknowledges that Biggar and several other Welsh players did not deserve to be on the losing side. But France RWC Team managed to secure a victory in a game that they might have lost two years prior.

France RWC Team Rewriting History at Murray Field
France RWC Team Rewriting History at Murray Field

France RWC Team Grand Slam Delivered Against England

As the discussions surrounding the Grand Slam intensified. Edwards reveals that the French Rugby World Cup Team embraced the attention instead of avoiding the spotlight. During the preparations leading up to the crucial showdown against England.

Following their victory over Wales, the French Rugby World Cup Team earned the privilege of experiencing the Grand Slam week. A period Edwards had previously encountered three times with the Welsh team. RWC fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

During this week, the stakes are high as the Six Nations trophy comes into play.  During the build-up to the highly anticipated match against England. Edwards acknowledged the significant media coverage and attention that comes with being in the spotlight.

He emphasized that the team had rightfully earned this recognition. Additionally, Edwards highlighted England’s exceptional performance and the fact. That they had emerged victorious in their previous two encounters against France, albeit by narrow margins.

Approaching the task with a sense of calm, France displayed their superiority over England when it truly counted. Securing a comfortable 25-13 victory in Paris and claiming their first Grand Slam in 12 years.

Although the English team had hopes of mounting a strong comeback in the second half, France maintained their lead throughout the match. Edwards believes that Antoine’s crucial try effectively sealed the outcome. Highlighting the tendency of exceptional players to deliver in critical moments.

France RWC Team another Trophy for the Edwards Collection

For Edwards, who joined the coaching staff of France after the 2019 Rugby World Cup? Following a successful 11-year stint with Wales, the prevailing emotion was not so much celebration as it was a relief.

France RWC Team another Trophy for the Edwards Collection
France RWC Team another Trophy for the Edwards Collection

He candidly admitted that the weight of expectations was heavy on his shoulders, having arrived in France with a decorated resume. Including four Six Nations triumphs and numerous trophies with Wasps and Wales.

Thus, it was a moment of sheer relief when the young and improving French team delivered the desired results. Edwards attributed this success to the team’s implementation of specific training strategies.

Such as exercising greater control in the closing minutes of matches. Furthermore, he expressed gratitude for the exceptional support from the French Rugby World Cup Team fans.

Emphasizing the importance of making them proud of their team’s efforts. According to Edwards, the fans possess astute judgment and can discern a hardworking team with the right attitude, a team that refuses to back down.

France RWC Team Understudies Perform Well In Japan

Despite the absence of many key players due to fatigue from a demanding Top 14, season. France’s impressive winning streak could have easily been disrupted during their two-test tour of Japan.

However, the depth of talent within the French squad became more apparent than ever as young and fringe players. Entrusted with the national jersey, rose to the occasion and secured victories of 42-23 and 20-15.

Reflecting on the tour, Edwards expressed his admiration for the team’s achievements, considering the challenging circumstances. The matches took place in scorching hot conditions, following an intense Top 14 season.

Despite the physical and mental strain, the motivation of the players remained high. Edwards commended the squad’s performance, noting that it showcased the strength of the team, even without the presence of their regular starters.

The victories were particularly significant, as Japan has earned a reputation for causing upsets and presenting difficulties for opposing teams. As Edwards stayed behind in France alongside influential figures like Dupont and Captain Ollivon.

He acknowledged the remarkable feat of the players who had been training or playing for nearly 11 months by that stage. The tour displayed the determination and resilience of the French team.

Highlighting their ability to overcome challenges and deliver strong performances against a proud Japanese team known. For their competitive spirit and history of causing trouble for other teams.

Wallabies Had France RWC Team Worried

The Autumn Nations Series opener against Australia marked France’s first match as a first-team squad. Since their victory over England in March. Securing a thrilling 30-29 win, Les Bleus felt a sense of relief. Rugby World Cup fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

The team had concerns due to several injuries leading up to the series, especially considering Australia’s potential as a formidable opponent. Edwards emphasized that when Australia is in the right mindset and fielding a competitive lineup.

They are a team to be reckoned with and can be ranked among the best. Furthermore, Edwards highlighted the significant gap between their last game and the Australia match, which spanned seven to eight months.

The tests against Japan were not considered as they featured a different team. Adjusting to match form immediately is a challenge. However, Edwards expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, believing they did remarkably well.

Despite conceding a considerable number of points, Edwards praised the defense for its overall effectiveness. He specifically acknowledged an exceptional try scored by Lalakai Foketi off a turnover, applauding the brilliance of the play.

France RWC Team Understudies Perform Well In Japan
France RWC Team Understudies Perform Well In Japan

Additionally, the France RWC Teamability to create turnovers at the ruck, totaling around nine or ten, greatly benefited their attacking game. The match served as an illustration of the current state of international rugby.

Characterized by high-scoring contests and closely fought encounters. Edwards found this exciting, questioning the perspective of some older players. Who claims that the game has declined in quality?

Ultimate Respect Ramos, France RWC Team

Damian Penaud’s late try sealed France’s historic 11th consecutive test victory. But Thomas Ramos played a significant role by scoring 20 points with his accurate kicking.

Edwards expressed his utmost admiration and respect for Ramos, highlighting his resilience and fighting spirit. As a coach, Edwards felt proud to have worked with Ramos. Recognizing his exceptional intelligence on the field and superb positional awareness.

Edwards emphasized that Ramos’ ability to catch the ball in full when it is kicked is not a mere coincidence but a result of his instinctual play. Additionally, Ramos displayed remarkable accuracy in goal kicking.

Rarely missing, and maintaining a success rate of over 80%, which is crucial in the modern era of rugby.

Beating the Best, France RWC Team

Despite Antoine Dupont receiving a red card for a challenge on Cheslin Kolbe in the air. France Rugby World Cup Team managed to secure a significant 30-26 victory over the reigning world champions, South Africa, in Marseille.

Edwards regarded this win as a pivotal moment. While acknowledging that Ireland currently holds the top spot in the World Rugby Rankings. Edwards personally considered South Africa to be the best team in the world.

Due to their status as the reigning champions. Throughout the Autumn Nations Series, South Africa demonstrated qualities befitting world champions. Showcasing their power, physicality, and dominance in mauls and scrums.

However, Edwards also highlighted their versatility, emphasizing their exceptional speed on the flanks. And their ability to score tries from deep within their territory. Consequently, defeating South Africa was a remarkable achievement for France. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. Rugby World Cup fans can buy RWC Tickets from our website.