Chile has not ever been this near to the Rugby World Cup as the vision of going to France in 2023 continues. In the 2002 Australia Qualifiers in 2003, the United States, Canada, Uruguay, and Los Condores competed for two places, and the third-placed team participated in the final qualifying tournament. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Chile defeated Uruguay at home but then lost all other matches at home and away, including the Uruguayan team, which eventually lost to Pablo Lemoine.

Chile is closed than ever to the first Rugby World Cup
Chile is closed than ever to the first Rugby World Cup

In all other qualifiers, they encountered the same obstacle: Los Teros. Fast forward 21 years and the former prop Lemoine is now leading the revival of Chilean rugby.

“When Pablo arrived at the end of 2018, we started to have hopes,” said Chile captain Martin Sigren, who defeated Canada for the first time in history and was promoted to second place in the 2023 Rugby World Cup Americas.

“He did something similar in his country; he was very direct and straightforward. He told us this wouldn’t be a rose scent.”

Lemoine studied this game at the Montevideo Cricket Club and became the first Uruguayan to play professional rugby first in Bristol, and later at the Stade de France, Montauban and Valencia. Become the French champion. After 48 tests and a career spanning 14 years, he withdrew from the rugby test, returned to his hometown, and led the introduction of high performance in his country.

Total Commitment

“He told us it would be very difficult to determine. He needs the full input of the players, the staff, and the Chilean Rugby Association, says Sigren. Two years later, we have already undergone a 180-degree transformation.”

The arrival of Lemoine in Chile has caught the attention of some people – will their former tormentors be their savior?

“I remember those early days and how we persuaded everyone to understand what needs to be done to stay competitive,” explains Lemoine. There may be several awkward encounters with former opponents, but the support of the players is crucial and the rest will be supporting the project soon.

“I’ve been to Chile many times as a player and coach and I know they have potential. Just like when I arrived, the qualifications were achieved through the American Rugby Championship. We knew we had to get better in every way.”

Having won just two games in ARC’s first four seasons, the task is daunting, but Lemoine has the personality to push and change the situation. Rugby Fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

“Fitness, active playing style, defense, technique, everything,” he said.

Led by Sigren, the Saavedra twins, Matías Dittus, the injured Ignacio Silva, Alfonso Escobar (his father captained the Chilean match against Lemoine), and many others, the dream began to take shape.

Chile has never been this near to the RWC as the vision of going to France in 2023 continues
Chile has never been this near to the RWC as the vision of going to France in 2023 continues

The first two tests he was responsible for in November 2018, against Sudamérica XV and Maori All Blacks, resulted in huge losses; 2019 wasn’t much better.

Wheels in motion

When COVID-19 hit the world, the wheels were already in motion. Whenever possible, with government permission, players will return to their training headquarters.

“Once they understand that they have to work hard, the dream of going to Rugby World Cup France 2023 is our goal,” said Lemoine.

Sigren added: “It’s such a difficult road. There are more losses than wins, but it’s 100% worth it. Even my family doubts what we are doing.”

A week before the second test in Canada, the family was invited to join the team and together they have come to a long and difficult road. “Their support of our players is crucial,” Lemoine added.

“We convince ourselves that we have to believe,” Sigren said, “It’s about mind and body. How to deal with stress and work in a high-performance environment.”

All these preparations require game practice and the American Football Premier League is crucial. Chile produced one of six franchises, Selknam.

“This is trial and error. Every game makes us better prepared. We accelerated our HP plan. Technically and tactically, we have 10 games to grow.”

In the game against Uruguay, the chance to play for the team of America 1 was narrowly lost, it was a game to the death against Canada. Lemoine and his experienced staff saw the holes in Cannucks’ armour and understood that defense is paramount at Langford. They won within seconds of defeating the Northerners for the first time.

The series will be decided at home and Chile has acted quickly to organize their round trip to give the players as much rest as possible.

“We’ve changed the mental chip. We’ve learned,” Sigren said. “It’s great to finish this series at home.”

Chile’s position in France in 2023 has not yet been determined – they must beat the United States in next year’s series. If not, it will be the final qualifying round.

“We want to win next year and qualify for Americas 2,” said Lemoine. “We have to strengthen it, but players know what the price is. They can feel it closer.” is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.