They call him ‘The Iceman’. Victor Lindelof is quite hesitant about his nickname’s derivation. Is it, his curiosities, because he storms from Vasteras, by the oft-freezing Lake Malaren? Maybe because of his easygoing identity? Or perhaps because he was “well at freeze hockey than football” and nearly followed a professional occupation with a puck? Lindelof and Lewandowski’s clash. FIFA World Cup fans can buy Qatar World Cup Tickets from our website.

Swedes are willing he doesn’t effort in a freeze workplace. Lindelof was dependable as the Blågult shocked Italy 1-0 on collective in their confrontation for a position at the previous FIFA World Cup™. He then assisted them to save three spotless pieces in four visits to spread the Russia 2018 quarter-finals, and two shutouts in four matches at UEFA EURO 2020. Before, on Thursday, the 27-year-old Manchester United midpoint-back was a pillar as they tired the Czech Republic 1-0 to volume a match alongside Poland for a Qatar 2022 position.

Lewandowski's clash - Victor Lindelof is quite hesitant about his nickname 'The Iceman' derivation
Victor Lindelof is quite hesitant about his nickname ‘The Iceman’ derivation

Sweden heads a conversation to FIFA about the future smash; marks Robert Lewandowski, his volume to control off from football whereas off the field, and the inspiration of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

How was the understanding of actuality at a World Cup?

It was excessive knowledge. It was my foremost World Cup. That was something I had been fantasizing about for as extended as I can recall. It’s somewhat different. It’s an astonishing sensation fair being there. Then to signify my republic in the World Cup was an actually pleased instant for me.

You’ve completed three entrances in the European matches for the World Cup and assisted Sweden to retain three fresh pieces. Lindelof and Lewandowski’s clash. You must be happy with your presentations in those sports?

That’s permanently our impartial going into matches: we want to retain a clean sheet. When we effort collected as a crew, we’re very tough and hard to tired.  I think that was presented in those significant final games. And that’s what we want to do alongside Poland. We see that if we have a clean sheet we have imaginary players up forward-facing who can mark goals.

Lindelof clash - Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer and captain of Poland Team
Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer and captain of the Poland Team

Finally, how self-assured are you Sweden will touch Qatar in 2022?

I have pronounced confidence in my squad and all the players. Poland is a respectable squad with countless players, so it’s going to be a very problematic game for us. If we twig to the willing plan, and we play at an equal we tell we can, I think we have the best chance of succeeding. is the best website for all sports and World Cup Tickets. The Qatar Football World Cup fans can buy Football World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.