FIFA World Cup: Box of the Time Hyundai Motor. To present new global sustainability. The campaign below the banner ‘Goal of the Century. Football fable Steven Gerrard and global. Pop feeling BTS to star in platform film. And leading the movement is part of the newly shaped ‘Team Century’. World Cup fans can buy Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

Eco-friendly cars will be included in the authorized fleet. For the first time, counting the IONIQ 5. Santa Claus Fe Hybrid. And Elec City bus. Businesses will continue to support FIFA’s sustainability. Agenda through various activities. Counting the ‘Hyundai Goal of the Period Pledge’ event.

FIFA World Cup:  The goal of the Century
FIFA World Cup: The goal of the Century

SEOUL, South Korea, April 20, 2022, PRNewswire Hyundai Motor Corporation announced. Today is the presentation of its global sustainability campaign. Under the banner ‘Goal of the Century. The movement kicks off on Soil Day on April 22.

 And will run through and elsewhere throughout the future. FIFA World Cup TM. Which will be held from. November 21 to December 18, 2022. As a share of the global presentation, Hyundai Motor released a platform film.

 And a global TV commercial containing football legend Steven Gerrard. And global pop feeling BTS. Sharing the business’s ambition to unite humankind through. Football inspires universal support for a maintainable future.

The goal of the Century

“The ‘Goal of the Century movement aims to marry the world for sustainability. Inspired by the pure value of team spirit and togetherness. Created by the universal love of ball,”

Said Thomas Schemera, Global Chief Promotion Officer. And Head of Customer Knowledge Division at Hyundai Motor.

 “At Hyundai, we will last go-getting to be of practical help to humanity at a time. When it is more significant than ever to come together for the well, long-lasting future of our earth.”

Hyundai Motor is presenting 'Team Century,' a newly shaped group
Hyundai Motor is presenting ‘Team Century,’ a newly shaped group

To drive the Goal of the Century campaign. Hyundai Motor is presenting Team Century’ A newly shaped group of diplomats. That will promote various environmental. And social sustainability projects through 2022.

 Former England national team. Player Steven Gerrard will lead ‘Team Period,’ joined by BTS. Afghan immigrant soccer player. And Danish UNESCO diplomat Nadia Nadim.

 American fashion

Fashionable Jeremy Scott. Current Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, documentary photojournalist Nicky Woo. And Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. In addition, Hyundai also plans to unveil four regional. Diplomats in the months to come. is the best website for all sports and Qatar World Cup Tickets. The FIFA World Cup fans can buy Qatar Football World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.