FIFA Investigates Chile’s Claim Ecuador. Plenty of aspects of FIFA’s 2022 World Cup have been masked in disagreement. So, it’s perhaps fitting that just over six calendars. Months out from the start of play in Qatar, another takes the middle stage. This one focuses on Chile’s allegation that Ecuador caught an ineligible player during passing. Football World Cup Fans can buy Netherlands vs Ecuador Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.

And should this be kicked from the 32-team World Cup field. La Tri is capable for just the fourth time in its history (2002, 2006, 2014). And was drawn into Qatar’s collection. Where it is due to be the host’s first World Cup adversary ever. That is unless Chile grows its way.

Chile’s Claim Ecuador Fixed an Ineligible Player
Chile’s Claim Ecuador Fixed an Ineligible Player

Chile said the last workweek that it sent a seeming guarantee to FIFA showing. That Ecuador right back Byron Castillo used 

“a false birth diploma, false statement of age and false people”

and is actually Colombian. Castillo seemed in eight of Ecuador’s qualifying competitions. Counting a win over Chile and a draw in their two assemblies.

Chile stipulates that those matches become forfeitures, which would give seventh-place Chile the points wanted to leap into South America’s automatic prerequisite places. Importantly, Castillo did not face 5th-place Peru or sixth-home Colombia. The last of which fired coach Reinaldo Rueda after its disappointment to qualify.

“All this, visibly, was fully known by the (Ecuadorean Federation]”. The Chilean coalition said in its statement.

“The world of soccer cannot close its eyes to this much impermeable. The practice of thoughtful and deliberate wrongdoings in the registration of players cannot be putative. Especially when we are conversation about a world race. There must be fair production on and off the field.”

Ecuador’s FA president

Said in a video declaration Tuesday night—reiterating. What was demanded in an FA statement from last week? that Castillo’s suitability should not be in question and that Ecuador shadowed all steps and procedures to ensure as such. 

Nevertheless, the case is controlled by FIFA’s Disciplinary Group. Which is investigating Castillo’s eligibility in a happening. That could wind up with either no influence at all on the World Cup field—or one with a series of major inferences.

“As recently established by FIFA, the Chilean Football Overtone has lodged a complaint with the FIFA Punitive Committee in which it made a series of claims concerning. The possible fabrication of documents granting Ecuadorian nationality to the player Byron David Castillo Segura.

As well as the likely illegibility of the said actor to participate in eight pass matches of the national team of the Ecuadorian Football Association (FEF) in the initial competition of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,”.

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 If it is found that Castillo was indeed unqualified, would that disqualify Ecuador from the total qualifications?
If it is found that Castillo was indeed unqualified, would that disqualify Ecuador from the total qualifications?

 FIFA wrote in a report on Wednesday.

“Bearing the overhead in mind, FIFA has obvious to open disciplinary records in relation to the potential disqualification of Byron David Castillo Segura. With respect to the above-stated matches. In this context, the FEF and the Peruvian Football Connotation have been invited. To submit their locations to the FIFA Disciplinary Group.”

“Further details will follow in due course.”

There are so many possible threads that could follow contingent on the outcome of FIFA’s study. If it is found that Castillo was indeed unqualified. Would that disqualify Ecuador from the total qualifications? Or just influence the matches in which he played? FIFA asked the Republic of Peru to give its position, even though Castillo didn’t play against Peru.

 La Blanquirroja,

He is over fifth in CONMEBOL’s passing table and must play also Australia or the UAE in a June playoff for one of the remaining World Cup berths. Could hypothetically be impacted by any corrective decision.

Beyond that, at the World Cup draw. Where pots were strong-minded by the March FIFA position. Ecuador was in Pot 4. Chile ranked more advanced than Ecuador. They would have been busy with a place in Pot 3 had it qualified. Would that then call the honesty of the draw into question?

In this opinion, the draw isn’t successful to be redone. And just like how the residual UEFA playoff winner could have possibly been in a higher pot. Had the playoff continued on schedule for March (instead of being postponed to June. On explanation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine), it’s a quirk of the race that all will have to confront and accept. is the best website for all sports and World Cup Tickets. The Qatar World Cup fans can buy  Qatar football world cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.