While Barcelona might be in fiscal chaos right now, its legacy and history cannot be changed. Barca has a winning attitude and everyone knows that they are a team that fits at the top of the world and with the very finest.

Yes, the club is sternly wavering apart at the moment, however, the apex itself holds a huge value, one that will charm the best players in the world. Fans can buy Madrid Vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Ferran sends defiant message after Barcelona draw
Ferran sends defiant message after Barcelona draw

Even if the club cannot pay as much as the shared fat cats such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, etc., players will still famine to join Barcelona since it is still one of the supreme clubs in the world.

This has been inveterate by former City player, Ferran Torres, who linked Barcelona in the winter transfer window before the Madrid Vs Barcelona fixture. The player was playing for one of the most hazardous teams in the world and under one of the best leaders, the world has ever seen.

Ferran Torres hails Barcelona as the Dream move

He was getting salaried well since City can give to spend a lot of money and thus, there was no need for the young player to move away from the Manchester flank.

However, he knew that he always sought to play for the Catalan side, and thus when he got a proposal to move to the club, he knew he had to take it. He said in a discussion with Barca Magazine,

“Barça is the best club in the world, everyone knows its history: it always fights for all the titles. When I left Valencia to go to City, I knew I would come back to play for one of the best teams in the Spanish league. It was my dream. And it has come true,”

Ferran Torres
Ferran with Fc Barcelona team
Ferran with Fc Barcelona team

He departed on to say that when he found out that Barca was involved, he told his agent to do whatever it takes to get him to that club with El Clasico (Barcelona Vs Madrid). Ferran has a sincere love for the club and he is hungry to adhesive his bequest in the greatest club in the world.

Torres has ongoing out well by scoring twice and helping twice in seven arrivals however, his finishing could improve a jiff and if he manages to do that, nothing is stopping him from being one of the highest in the world.

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