The journalist of Marca said about Gareth Bale that he is making fun of Real Madrid.

It’s not a new thing to know that Bale is making fun of his club Real Madrid. He is doing that for many years without any hesitation. When he came to know that his contract with Madrid ends next summer he started making fun of it. Fans can buy tickets for El Clasico from our website.

He knows that the expiry of his contract is an electric fence for Real Madrid or any other clubs that want to hire him. He only have one word on his tongue Contract, contract, and contract when he came to know that Real Madrid is going to sell him.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale

His recent injury has created a very irritating situation. Bale played his last match for Madrid on 28 August. His recent injury has cut off his redemption attempt against a fanbase. His fanbase doesn’t know whether to take it as a joke or it’s a serious thing. Since he was injured his plan of recovery was very discreet. When everybody was on International break, that’s when Bale wanted to play his 100th game for his home team Wales that shows a sign of his commitment.

It is very difficult to decode Bale. It is impossible to find out that he is a golf player who plays football in his spare time or if he is a footballer who plays golf in his spare time. In between football and golf, there is a cursed virus of injuries, whether it’s when Bale is with Madrid, Tottenham, or Wales.

While playing for Real Madrid, Bale persistently talks about his past achievements for the club. Bale no longer knows about the consequences of his actions. Now, it seems that Bale doesn’t care about his club Real Madrid. In his life with Real Madrid, true legends like Zinedine Zidane cannot stand in Bale’s way.

What is Real Madrid doing?

During his stay with the club till now, Real Madrid doesn’t take enough steps to clean Bale’s code of conduct. Madrid seems to be silent due to their affection and helplessness towards Bale. The reality of this whole drama of Bale is that it’s a tiresome script that includes messages to the contrary, rumours of his departure, golf courses, injuries he picked, goals without celebrations, trips with Wales, and a contract.

While Bale was loaned out to Tottenham for 307 days, his return to Madrid was sold as a new signing for Carlo Ancelotti. The club now hopes that Bale wants to play the world cup. Hopefully, playing for Madrid will catch him in high spirits. is the best website to buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.