Lionel Messi is to some extent the best goal scorer in the history of the El Clasico: in the game against Real Madrid, he scored 26 goals for Barcelona. All these goals are worth celebrating. The El Clasico fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

Messi has certainly improved his demeanour over the years and a deep understanding of the animosity between the two sides helped him know exactly how to best get into the Catalan club’s perennial competitors.

El Clasico Lionel Messi's shirt celebration against Real Madrid
Lionel Messi’s shirt celebration against Real Madrid

Given the circumstances that led to it, his infamous 2017 jersey celebration in Santiago Bernabeu was arguably his most iconic and gave birth too many imitators, not to mention memes. So what is the party and what inspired it?

What is the celebration of Lionel Messi’s shirt against Real Madrid?

On April 23, 2017, Lionel Messi scored a last-minute goal to help Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu. The goal was Messi’s 500th goal for Barcelona. He took off his jersey and held up one to show his name and number to Madrid fans to celebrate.

Of course, this kind of spot was not particularly popular among Madrid fans, but an iconic El Clasico moment was therefore recorded in history, this was actually Messi second goal of the match.

His first goal was the equalizing goal in the 33rd minute, eliminating Casemiro’s opener. Barcelona then took the lead in the 73rd minute and looked promising until James Rodriguez hit the ball with 5 minutes to go. However, Messi caught a clever pass from Jordi Alba in stoppage time and put the ball out of reach for Keylor Navas, breaking Madrid’s heart.

The choice to salt the wounds of Real Madrid players and fans calls for a small price.” Referee Alejandro Hernandez showed the Argentinian a yellow card and asked him to take off his jersey.

El Clasico Messi's celebration of Real Madrid is definitely unusual
Messi’s celebration of Real Madrid is definitely unusual

What inspired the Messi jersey celebrations?

While Messi’s celebration of Real Madrid is definitely unusual – rare, no doubt because it has now yellowed – the Argentina international is not the first footballer to lift his jersey to the fans.

It’s not clear where Messi got this idea from, but he may have been inspired by former Barcelona legend Ronaldinho, who played for Paris Saint-Germain in the match against Paris Saint-Germain. After a goal, he unforgettably showed his jersey to the fans. Marseille 2002.

Others have waved their jerseys for Messi as a celebration and will likely claim to be their source of inspiration. For example, another Brazilian, Juninho Pernambucano, took off his jersey after helping Lyon beat Marseille in 2009 and bringing it to the fans.

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