As Rodrygo Silva is injured, chances for Spanish footballer Asensio are cleared. The contract of Marco Asensio with Real Madrid is going to end in 2023. His future in the club seems to be uncertain and the present time doesn’t feel to be favourable for this great player. Asensio was one of the most wanted footballers once back in time. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

Back in 2017, his performance was extraordinarily well. It looked that world was at his feet and he even might take Ballon d’Or with him. But now the reality is something else. His performance is facing a downfall. In 2018, Liverpool wanted to buy him Asensio and Real Madrid couldn’t even consider selling him to Liverpool. But at the current time, this idea doesn’t seem to be that bad.

Marco Asensio Real Madrid
Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio was injured two years ago now and he is not able to do well for Real Madrid since then. The Spanish footballer was expected to do well for Real Madrid after recovering from injury. He earned the title of second highest goal scorer of last season. He scored seven goals. But Real Madrid never seemed to rely on him or someone who can carry a weight of responsibility with him.

Asensio’s hat-trick goals against Mallorca left everybody impressed. But now he hasn’t done anything nearer to that kind of performance.

Six shots on goal, five against Mallorca:

Moreover, Real Madrid has played 14 matches this season. Asensio was part of the squad in 11 matches and he started in three matches. He only played for 378 minutes and he scored three goals against Mallorca. He had six shots through this season and five shots were witnessed against Mallorca and the other shot was against F.C Barcelona.

Now, Rodyrgo is being injured and he is out of the game for quite some time. A door of hope has opened for Asensio because the Right place of Real Madrid’s attack needs to be filled and Asensio seems to take that place. is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.