Eden Park will play its full role in the 10th century. As a “Supplier of Elegance”, the famous pink bow tie brand will also provide formal clothing for representatives of the World Cup 2023 France tickets tournament.

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Eden Park will also support the Campus 2023 program. Which aims to train thousands of young French people for a career in the sports industry. And delivering a tangible legacy beyond the tournament.

Eden Park Becomes Elegance Supplier for Rugby World Cup 2023 and confirms its commitment to the campus 2023

As part of this exciting initiative. Eden Park and the Organizing Committee of France 2023 Rugby World Cup will provide 2,600 Campus 2023 apprentices. With official teams as ambassadors for Campus 2023 and Eden Park.


The collaboration further embodies the historic and iconic relationship between the pink bow tie brand and rugby, ongoing since 1987.

Created by the Organizing Committee of France 2023, Campus 2023 will also offer courses related to tourism and security. Beyond receiving an education, the 2,600 apprentices will gain valuable hands-on experience. By taking part in the France 2023 Rugby World Cup, which will celebrate rugby’s bicentennial.

The Eden Park commitment announce today at the 2023 Campus meeting in Saint-Denis in the presence of Claude Atcher (Managing Director of France 2023), Franck Mesnel (co-founder of Eden Park), and 285 apprentices from the Ile de France, Centre Val de Loire, Grand Est and Normandy regions.


Campus 2023 apprentices embody the values shared by the Paris and France 2023 brands. Integration, education, and inclusion are key values of Eden Park. This commitment reflects in other projects supported by the brand. Including the recent construction of a secondary school in Madagascar for 100 students, eight employees, and a library.

Claude Atcher, Director General of France 2023, said: “Rugby the story of friends gathered around the oval ball. Take the ball and stay with your friends! No brand approves better of this quote from Jean-Pierre Rives than Eden Park. And born around the wonderful friendship formed on the pitch in 1987. Although I am proud that the pink bow tie with its free spirit participates in the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France!

Thanks to their creativity and audacity, this French flavor will be an exceptional source of inspiration for our event.”

However, Franck Mesnel, chairman of Eden Park, said: “Life is very similar to a rugby game. It must organize through a well-crafted match plan, a specific role for each person involved. Therefore goals will vary in terms of situation and moment. Whereas We must be able to adapt to current developments. And always work in harmony and with respect for our culture, history, and country.

Eden Park Becomes Elegance Supplier for Rugby World Cup 2023 and confirms its commitment to the campus 2023

“For all this to figure together, it’s essential to find out. And receive an education so as to know the principles that are necessary and customary to all or any. The absence of such values can lead to individualism, which leads to chaos, chaos, and – ultimately – defeat. Therefore, it is always important to consider the collective work. And effort of these fundamental and mandatory values that unite our society and lead us to our common existential goals.”

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