Real Madrid prepare for the first round of the 16th round of the knockout stages of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League on February 15. Los Blancos will face Paris Saint-Germain in a battle that has a lot at stake in addition to the game itself, and this will be a tough first game for the team that has won the most Champions League titles in history. The Champion League Final fans can buy Champions League Final Tickets from our website.

Realistic predictions for Real Madrid's 2021-22 UEFA Champions League
Realistic predictions for Real Madrid 2021-2022 Champions League

How far can we expect Los Merengues to go in this year’s 2022 UEFA Champions League? Is it possible to play against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City machine in 2019-2020 and play again against tough state-sponsored clubs in the 16 knockout rounds? Or will Real Madrid live to the end of the game, only to be knocked out by their own injuries and stagnant attacks? Because that was the case last season in the semi-final against Chelsea.

Going into the season, I think a lot of Madrid people didn’t expect the team to be this good. Vinicius Junior’s breakthrough has always been this season’s story, Eder Militao’s breakthrough and David Alaba’s outstanding performance as No. 4 are secondary stories. Combine these events with the career of Karim Benzema, Courtois is a wall and the continued excellent performances of the midfield trio, and you will understand why Real Madrid are in the top spot in LaLiga.

The Champions League, however, is a different beast. While LaLiga’s opponents are predictable (home and away against any team in the league, it may be the most stable team to win), but it’s very hard to take home the UCL championship because you can’t know whom you get. You have to be prepared for any team, any type of elite European opponent. Yes, you need to be prepared for any absence, be it injury, suspension or the current COVID-19.

Real Madrid is only worse than Bayern Munich this season

Real Madrid has faced adversity in recent seasons, be it winning the championship in 2019-2020, approaching painfully in 2020-2021 (the Champions League semi-finals are about to begin) or becoming champions in 2021- 2022 in the “first half” of La Liga, Real Madrid had no excuses.

UEFA Champions League Real Madrid is only worse than Bayern Munich this season
Real Madrid is only worse than Bayern Munich this season

I think it should be Real Madrid’s goal to get back into the semi-finals of the Champions League. This team is enough to win everything, yes, but to do this, a lot has to be done. They haven’t recovered to become the most dominant force in European football yet, but if they get warm and healthy I can only let Bayern Munich surpass them in this game.

However, Chelsea’s playing style is annoying, which is what makes them so dangerous in this game. After all, they won last year and the second round embarrassed Real Madrid.

Then there is Paris Saint-Germain. So far, many people have been disappointed that Paris Saint-Germain is still looking for a way to win in the Ligue 1 competition. While Messi doesn’t score many points in the league, he has always found goals in the Champions League, which is usually seen as a weaker game for right-wingers. is the best website for all Football Events and Champions League Final Tickets. The Champion League Final fans can buy Champions League Final 2022 Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.