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El Clasico – Alaba notches again to show his continuing goal threat

Real Madrid had not been able to score a free-kick goal in Europe since September 2018. But Alaba is now doing a good job.

David Alaba’s performance has been tremendous for Real Madrid. Alaba is quite an asset for Madrid in both attacking and defensive play for the team. Fans can buy Tickets for El Clasico from our website.

The Austria-based player scored an excellent goal against Sheriff in the Champions League match on Tuesday. He added another goal after his recent goal at Camp Nou in the El Clasico match last month.

David Alaba

The talent of Alaba is a happy bonus for Real Madrid. Real Madrid signed Alaba when Sergio Ramos moved to another club. They signed Alaba for his excellence in defense but not it seems that they have gotten more than that and Alaba is proved very fruitful for Madrid.

Alaba has scored a minimum of one goal in each season since 2011 and 2012. He scored four goals in 2016/17.

If compared within the team of Real Madrid, he scored two goals this season which means that he scored equals to the three goals of Luka Jovic in the three seasons.

His tremendous free-kick against Sheriff was the first Real Madrid have scored a goal from a dead-ball situation in Europe. In September 2018, Isco done the same effort for Real Madrid since then only Alaba has done it now.

Real Madrid has waited three years for this after Cristiano Ronaldo left who converted 10 free-kicks into goals for the club.

The departure of Ronaldo has affected Real Madrid’s goal tally away from home in a brutal way. But Madrid has reached the Champions League knockout stage in a good way.

Real Madrid needs to win or draw against Inter on December 7 to make sure that they lead their group and play against a weaker opponent.

Alaba injury:

The beginning of the match for Alaba was excellent but the ending did not go well as he injured his ankle in the 64th minute of the game.

With the tough matches coming their way, Real Madrid would surely not want to miss their star player in their squad. is the best website to buy el Clasico tickets. Fans can buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – Ansu Fati against Bayern Munich, yes or no?

Ansu Fati believes that he will be able to play Barcelona’s final Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

The match of Barcelona against Bayern Munich has become debatable. Ansu is arguing whether he will play for his club against Munich or not. While Barcelona is facing a hard time they can be eliminated if they get defeated by Bayern Munich. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

The match of Barcelona against Benfica was a draw which has created a difficult time for Barcelona. F.C Barcelona has to defeat Bayern Munich if they have to reach the Champions League knockout rounds. F.c Barcelona is leading with two points against Benfica in Group E. Benfica will play their final match against Dynamo Kiev.

Ansu Fati

It also seems that Bayern Munich’s good form is also a challenger for Barcelona because Munich has only lost three matches out of 20 matches they played this season. That’s why Xavi wants his team to be unbeatable and attackers available for this crucial match.

Fati had been out of the game for a long time of almost one year due to his knee problem. He returned to Barcelona in September where he played against Levante. But he picked the hamstring problem that has taken him away from the game.

He is participating in some drills in training and improving to get himself back to the game. Meanwhile, no decision has been made to add him to the playing squad till now. Ansu is hoping to join group sessions of Barcelona on Monday where his medical assessment will be done to check his ability to play against Bayern Munich.

Ansu wants to play:

As Ansu feels he will be able to play against Bayern Munich but there is always a risk and have to be assessed very closely.

The recurrence of any injury can be fatal for Fati and can worsen everything. One thing is crystal clear that a match against Bayern is key for Ansu. Let’s be realistic, this season is long and the Champions League is out of Barcelona’s reach anyway.

Prudence is key:

People around Ansu have advised him to be prudent in his decision to play against Bayern Munich. He must think deeply on this matter and he must find out that is it a good decision to play against Bayern or not for himself.

Picking up another injury after being out of the field for almost one year can worsen the situation and can give long-term damage. Fati was only able to play eight official matches for Barcelona this season. He played for a month and a half before picking up an injury again. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – Barcelona want to sign Karim Adeyemi

F.C Barcelona seems to be interested in signing Red Bull Salzburg star Karim Adeyemi. Barcelona is opening its pockets and they are willing to spend 40 million euros on him.

Barcelona has made one thing clear that they want to strengthen their team in the January transfer window. While Barcelona is facing financial troubles they are interested to sign Karim Adeyemi who is a star of Red Bull Salzburg. The club is hoping to open his pocket to sign him. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

The German International has caught the eyes of Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg where he is currently playing. In the Champions League this season, his performance was tremendous where he scored three goals and four assists in four group-stage matches. Karim managed to win three first-half penalties for his club in their 1-1 draw against Sevilla on September 14.

Karim Adeyemi

According to news, Barcelona has offered 40 million euros to sign Karim Adeyemi where he can play as center-forward or either on the wing.

The president of F.C Barcelona has shown his wish to sing three players in this coming January transfer window. Above all, the forward player is a priority. So there are high chances for signing Karim and he would fit in the bill.

In addition, Salzburg has sold its stars several times. The stars include Erling Haaland, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Patson Daka, Adeyemi seems to be the latest star to be sold in this January transfer window.

Competition for Adeyemi:

But, the main issue is that Barcelona is not the only candidate to sign Karim Adeyemi for this January Transfer. Karim is a German National and he has spent time in Bayern Munich’s Academy.

Moreover, Bayern Munich is also reported to be interested in Adeyemi. Further, it is being also reported that Borussia Dortmund is also willing to sing Karim but their offer is not high as Barcelona’s 40 million euros offer. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

El Clasico – Vinicius is out of control

The forward of Real Madrid is unstoppable this season. He has scored 10 goals this season so far.

Vinicius’s start in this season was incredible. He has overtaken the starter in Madrid’s attack alongside with Karim Benzema. His campaign for goals with Benzema is proved very fruitful for Real Madrid. Fans can buy Tickets for El Clasico from our website.

The Brazilian player was playing for Real Madrid against Granada at Nuevo Estadio de Los Carmenes where he leads Madrid to a 4-1 victory by sending the ball to the net. This was his 10th goal of this season 2021/22. He scored eight goals in LaLiga Santander and two goals in Champions League.

Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius scored the highest goals tally back in 2018 playing for Flamengo. Since then, he only managed to net less than six goals playing for Real Madrid. The Brazilian player has gelled with Benzema in attack for Real Madrid, which has become a great scoring option for the club.

Vinicius can’t be stopped:

Vinicius seems to be unstoppable this season, as opponents are struggling to take the ball from Brazilian International due to his ability to dribble.

During the match of Real Madrid against Granada on Sunday. Granada’s players faced a hard time defending against Vinicius Jr. Even though, Monchu was sent off in the second half.

What would Mbappe’s arrival mean for Vinicius?

Real Madrid is going to sign a pre-contract with Kylian Mbappe from January 1. Los Blancos has to find a way for the two players to co-exist in starting lineup alongside Karim Benzema for the club next season.

In the first stretch of the season, Vinicius and Mbappe both have played 17 matches for their respective clubs. Vinicius is better in scoring as he has scored 10 times as compared to Mbappe who has scored 8 times.

On the other hand, Vinicius has completed 56 dribbles which are two more than Mbappe’s 54 dribbles. While Mbappe has produced 10 assists which is double Vinicius’s 5 assists. is the best website to buy el Clasico tickets. Fans can buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets from our website.

Fc Barcelona vs Madrid – Is it game over for Hazard and Coutinho?

Two of the most expensive football players are facing a hard time showing their performance for their clubs.

Football has become the biggest sport where big prices are paid for the transfer of players. But sometimes, this big money is nothing but a waste. Eden Hazard and Philippe Coutinho are two examples of these transfers. Fans can buy Real Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Hazard and Philippe were bought by paying big prices by Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. But it doesn’t seem like a good decision now as both of the players are not showing performances for their clubs.

Coutinho and Hazard

The situation for both players is the same as both left English clubs where they were the finest players of the Premier League. Both moved to LaLiga Santander but failed to impress with their performance. Clubs of both players are paying over 100 million euros for them.

Eden Hazard:

Hazard was brought to Real Madrid in 2019 when Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus in 2018. Real Madrid spent 100 million euros to get Hazard out from Chelsea in his last contract year. But this plan for Madrid doesn’t seem to be going well till now.

Hazard arrived at Real Madrid in 2019. Since then he is suffering from injuries and barely played for the club under Carlo Ancelotti this season. He only appeared for 12 minutes in LaLiga Santander for Madrid and he never played a single El Clasico.

His market value has fallen, now Transfermarkt only valuing him for just 25 million euros.

Philippe Coutinho:

Barcelona spent 120 million euros and 40m in variable to sign Coutinho when Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain. Coutinho was supposed to be a replacement for Neymar.

When he moved to F.C Barcelona his market value was 150 million euros but now it has fallen to just 14 million euros. It seems to be an ill-fated move for him.

The arrival of Xavi at Camp Nou doesn’t seem to change the fate of Coutinho because he already had enough time to impress fans and members of the board but couldn’t impress. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

El Clasico – Bale is making fun of Real Madrid

The journalist of Marca said about Gareth Bale that he is making fun of Real Madrid.

It’s not a new thing to know that Bale is making fun of his club Real Madrid. He is doing that for many years without any hesitation. When he came to know that his contract with Madrid ends next summer he started making fun of it. Fans can buy Tickets for El Clasico from our website.

He knows that the expiry of his contract is an electric fence for Real Madrid or any other clubs that want to hire him. He only have one word on his tongue Contract, contract, and contract when he came to know that Real Madrid is going to sell him.

Gareth Bale

His recent injury has created a very irritating situation. Bale played his last match for Madrid on 28 August. His recent injury has cut off his redemption attempt against a fanbase. His fanbase doesn’t know whether to take it as a joke or it’s a serious thing. Since he was injured his plan of recovery was very discreet. When everybody was on International break, that’s when Bale wanted to play his 100th game for his home team Wales that shows a sign of his commitment.

It is very difficult to decode Bale. It is impossible to find out that he is a golf player who plays football in his spare time or if he is a footballer who plays golf in his spare time. In between football and golf, there is a cursed virus of injuries, whether it’s when Bale is with Madrid, Tottenham, or Wales.

While playing for Real Madrid, Bale persistently talks about his past achievements for the club. Bale no longer knows about the consequences of his actions. Now, it seems that Bale doesn’t care about his club Real Madrid. In his life with Real Madrid, true legends like Zinedine Zidane cannot stand in Bale’s way.

What is Real Madrid doing?

During his stay with the club till now, Real Madrid doesn’t take enough steps to clean Bale’s code of conduct. Madrid seems to be silent due to their affection and helplessness towards Bale. The reality of this whole drama of Bale is that it’s a tiresome script that includes messages to the contrary, rumors of his departure, golf courses, injuries he picked, goals without celebrations, trips with Wales, and a contract.

While Bale was loaned out to Tottenham for 307 days, his return to Madrid was sold as a new signing for Carlo Ancelotti. The club now hopes that Bale wants to play the world cup. Hopefully, playing for Madrid will catch him in high spirits. is the best website to buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – Chelsea could allow Pulisic to leave

Chelsea can allow Christian Pulisic to leave. The American forward player is linked with F.C Barcelona.

F.c Barcelona is searching for a forward-attacking player to strengthen their attacking strategy. This aim of Barcelona now seems to be completed because Chelsea and their manager Thomas Tuchel have opened the doors of opportunity for Christian Pulisic to leave in January 2022. Fans can buy Tickets for El Clasico from our website.

Pulisic was a key player to Chelsea in the beginning when he joined Chelsea. But due to the lack of consistency of Pulisic Chelsea was facing a hard time.

Christian Pulisic

Xavi Hernandez the new boss of Barcelona is eager to make his second signing since he joined Barcelona early this month. Now, if Barcelona wants to sign Pulisic it will depend upon Chelsea how much fee they charge for him.

It is being reported that Tuchel is confirmed to sell Pulisic in January, even though both of them have a strong personal relationship with each other.

Barcelona is facing problems regarding their financial situation because if they want to add a new player to the team, they have to showcase some creative accounting and deal structuring.

F.c Barcelona will offer Raheem a loan deal to strengthen their squad. Barcelona is not in a position to open its wallet. While Sterling seems to be interested in Manchester United.

Pulisic has been struggling with injuries throughout this season as he has only played four games this season 2021/22. The fellow American of Pulisic, Sergio Dest is already playing for Barcelona so possibly Pulisic might move to Barcelona temporarily.

Problems in attack:

The heart problem of Sergio Aguero has increased the urge of F.C Barcelona to add a new forward to the squad in January. Xavi the new boss is only relying on Ansu Fati, Luuk de Jong, Memphis Depay, and Ousmane Dembele.

There’s not enough variety for the strength of the club that’s why Barca wants to add new players in winter.

Pulisic would be the second contract under Xavi’s tenure as a coach. Fc Barcelona signed Dani Alves for his experience and trophy-winning experience under his belt. Pulisic on the other hand is not that experienced despite his stay in London and Borussia Dortmund. is the best website to buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid tickets. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

El Clasico – Courtois is forcing Lunin out of Real Madrid

The goalkeeper of Real Madrid Andriy Lunin has not made any appearance under coach Ancelotti.

Lunin seems to be out of sight for long. He only appeared for Real Madrid in the last season and a half. The Ukrainian goalkeeper has not played a single match under head coach Carlo Ancelotti. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

Andriy only appeared once under Coach Zinedine Zidane and that match is not what the goalkeeper would like to remember as Madrid crashed out by Alcoyano in Copa del Rey. That match was the only opportunity that he got to showcase his skills outside the training camp.

Andriy Lunin

The goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has become the favorite of Ancelotti. Lunin has not found any way to replace Courtois from Real Madrid starting line-up. The 22-year old goalkeeper won’t be happy to know that it is hard for him to become Real Madrid’s first choice.

Lunin’s false hope:

When Keylor Navas moved to Paris Saint-Germain, it was thought that Lunin would be competing with Courtois for a starting lineup. But Lunin has not made played any match and settled for the bench the entire time. Even the manager of the Ukraine National Team did not include Lunin for last summer’s European Championship 2020. His little play minutes lead him to be included in the National team.

Lunin was signed by Real Madrid for 8.5 million euros in 2018 and Madrid can’t think to offload Lunin in January. As they don’t have any replacement if starter Courtois picked up any injury. Lunin was loaned to Leganes for the entire season, as he only played seven games.

Ancelotti gave a sign that he will give Lunin minutes soon to play. But if Lunin doesn’t get minutes to play for Real Madrid, then he should think to have a move if he wants to progress in his career. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

El Clasico – Barcelona’s priority is defensive solidity

Xavi the new boss is aware of Barcelona’s defensive struggle. Xavi’s main concern is to focus on Barcelona’s defensive side.

The new boss of Barcelona Xavi is familiar with the defensive issues of his club that they faced in recent weeks. He is keen to help the club to improve defensive solidity. Fans can buy Tickets for El Clasico from our website.

After joining the club, Xavi has made it crystal clear that the defensive display that was shown in the loss to Celta Vigo is unacceptable for him. Barcelona has been struggling to play a good game. They only have one clean sheet through this season. They had a goalless draw with Cadiz back in September this year.

Xavi Hernandez

Barcelona’s performance was not satisfying and they lost many points as their defensive ability was weak this season. Their opponents could easily score a goal against their defense.

“It is difficult for us to score and the opponents, with the little they do, they score against us,” said Jordi Alba after the 1-1 draw with Alaves at the Camp Nou.

In Ronald Koeman’s recent tenure as a coach, he rarely put light on the defensive issues of Barcelona, he blamed the finishing touch as the club’s weakness. However, it is visible in Barcelona’s performance that the main issue with Barcelona’s performance is defense.

Xavi’s plan:

The new boss of Barcelona doesn’t have that much time to train the whole squad of the club because of the International break. But he has made it clear that the team must show possession towards the game and performance.

If Barcelona has the ball, they will create more chances for them and reduce the opponent’s chances to do so. Xavi will possibly change Barcelona’s defense, where Gerard Pique and Eric Garcia will make the starting center-back duo.

Clement Lenglet and Samuel Umtiti could be part of the rotation. While Ronald Araujo is hoping to have his place in the starting eleven after his return from injury. is the best website to buy el Clasico tickets. Fans can buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – It’s now or never for Pogba and Real Madrid

Paul Pobga is about to reach an important moment in his career.

The talent of Pobga is witnessed by everyone and undoubtedly he is an excellent player. Now, he has reached a stage of his career where he is going to sign his big contract for the last time. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

His career curve might be facing downslide after the injury of thigh he suffered during the training drill of his national team France. This is Pogba’s third injury in recent two years and now it seems like this thigh injury has come to a bad time when he is up for the big contract.

Paul Pogba

The Manchester United player is expected to play again in January 2022. He has to take some serious decisions for his career as his contract at the Premier League is going to end in June of 2022. He will become a free agent by June 2022 if he doesn’t sign a new deal with Manchester United. His thigh injury seems to convince him to end his time in Manchester Utd.

Pogba was sent to play for Man Utd against Liverpool when they were down by 4-0. Pogba made it worse by playing the game for 16 minutes and getting a red card. He was then set to serve a three-match ban. Manchester United legend Paul Scholes shared a scathing about Pogba.

“It has created havoc in recent years,” said Scholes.

“Everyone knows what talent he has, all the coaches believe in him and everyone has allowed him to be the player he was.

“He didn’t sign a new contract, so he almost holds the club hostage and now he has.”

Real Madrid waiting in the wings:

Real Madrid seems to be interested in Pogba as they have been keeping eye on him for a while. They are considering Pogba for a replacement of some in their team. Now, Real Madrid will see what Pogba and his agent Mino Raiola do in the coming months.

Pogba is also linked to moving into Paris Saint-Germain and his old club Juventus. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

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