British Open Champion Collin Morikawa won the Heroes World Challenge easily, but after an unusual 41 strokes on the first nine holes, his five-shot lead disappeared. The British Open 2022 fans can buy British Open Tickets from our website.

Collin Morikawa does enjoy the No. 01 Ranking. A few days ago, he proposed to his girlfriend Zhu Katherine, to marry him with whom he had been together for a few days, and she said: “Yes.” So there is no problem. He’s No.01, at least in her book.

British Open Champion Morikawa collapse in the Bahamas was totally uncharacteristic
British Open Champion Morikawa’s collapse in the Bahamas was totally uncharacteristic

On the other hand, in terms of the official world golf ranking, the 24-year-old will have to wait another day to wear the first belt.

That number was already there before the final round of the Heroes World Challenge at the Albany Golf Club in the Bahamas. Morikawa won his second major title earlier this year – at the British Open at Royal St. George – and started the final round in Albany on Sunday, with a five-shot lead.

If he can protect it, he will surpass Jon Rahm, who is not on the field, to become number one in the above rankings.

On Saturday night, this seemed to be an undisputed layup, Aaron Judge’s hanging curve, Connor McDavid’s empty net. On the day of entry, after winning the DP World Tour in Dubai, Morikawa struggles to take his second straight win. He played 68-66-64 rounds at Albany and played 10 consecutive rounds in the 1960s. Collin is 18 under par, has 18 birdies and 2 eagles and is moving in the right direction. He looks en Fuego.

Heroes World Challenge

“This is so exciting,” Morikawa said Saturday night.

“You like staying in these places, but you don’t get them every week. You want you to do it, but when you do, you want to use them, so I hope we can make good use of them tomorrow.”

After all, this isn’t the 1996 Masters. And he’s not Greg Norman, he was looking for a six-shot lead on that decisive Sunday in Augusta. Morikawa competes for the 150th British Open 2022 at St. Andrew.

British Open Champion Morikawa

But in the strange days of strange moments in the Bahamas, nothing is more bizarre than the collapse of Morikawa. With two holes, two conceded balls, a few minutes, Morikawa’s hopes of winning again and Numero Uno’s position were gone.

British Open Champion Morikawa's hopes of winning again and Numero Uno's position were gone
Morikawa’s hopes of winning again and Numero Uno’s position were gone

The scene is great. After three regular pairs in the opening game, Morikawa maintained his 18-under-par position and led the offence against Sam Burns with four shots.

Then came a hidden ball and a 6th shot on the 4th hole. His first double bogey in 58 hero holes. Then came another hidden ball from No. 6 and another double as Morikawa’s mudball flew to the left on the fairway. At the same time, Burns birdied 8th place for the third time in a row and shot 16 under par.

In this way, Morikawa shot 14 under par, from an easy lead to two shots behind Burns, which resembles Nicolas Cage’s film. Lead five shots, not in 60 seconds, but in six holes.

To the best of his ability, 24-year-old Morikawa is often touted as the best hardcore player in the game, but he’s still beyond repair. Burns had his own Waterloo, swallowed three bogeys and was knocked out at age 14. But Morikawa did not take advantage of this opportunity. He swallowed the No. 9 bogey and finished the frontcourt with 41 without a birdie. is the best website for all Golf Events and British Open Tickets. The British Open fans can buy British Open 2022 Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.