“I’d better look back and find a way.” When Adam Scott enters the game, he is usually a regular golfer’s photo, often with an elusive look on his face, making it difficult to judge whether he shot 62 or 82. The British Open fans can buy British Open Tickets from our website.

“I know he will be mad, everyone will be mad. But he is more united than anyone I’ve ever met,” said PGA Tour professional Harris English.

Adam Scott making it difficult to judge whether he shot 62 of 82
Adam Scott making it difficult to judge whether he shot 62 of 82

But at the British Open in July, he again underperformed and once again lost the opportunity to increase his key win. Since he won the 2013 Masters, he’s been out of the scoring zone and Scott couldn’t hide him. Disappointment. A reporter present said he had cut off a dejected figure.

Scott said: “For me, all this makes me very frustrated. For me, this is a challenging golf season, and of course, it affects my overall attitude. I am in my profession. I have invested a lot in my career and I have sacrificed many things “including the time to do this at home, but I just didn’t get the result, that’s all. I’m in a results-oriented industry or profession. I find this very irritating. People are frustrated.”

Adam Scott, 41, is grinding and appears to have turned things around in some promising starts, including a playoff loss to Kevin Kisner at the Wyndham Championship, and Scott missed a short push. , Won on the first hole of the playoffs. How did he get over his fear?

“During the downturn,” Scott said, “I started to realize this is the only thing I know how to do, so I don’t have much choice but that. I’d better start thinking about it again side.”

A second-place finish at Wyndham Stadium. His 100th career in the top 10 of the PGA Tour, British Open Championship, and a tie for 5th in the CJ Cup last month has revived his 15th professional tour. Championship hopes may even be in the RSM Classic this week. The game will be played on the two courts of the Island Resort and Scott will make his debut at this event.

Scott will make his fourth start in the new season
Scott will make his fourth start in the new season

Another key to Scott’s turnaround could be as simple as adjusting his Titleist TSi4 driver, who tricked the ball. He insisted on using the same model but modified the hostel mechanism to increase the loft angle by 0.75 degrees for added spin. This didn’t happen right away, but he again regularly sought out the fairway.

“For me, the driver is a sensitive area because I think I’m a good golfer. If I hit the ball well, it will slowly penetrate the rest of the game with confidence and freedom. Hold on,” he said. “Surprisingly, standing on the tee calms you down and puts you on the tee with confidence more often. I don’t think golf is as difficult as it was earlier this year.”

Scott will make his fourth start in the new season, which is more than he normally does in the fall, and said he plans to compete in the European Tour Middle East in Abu Dhabi, prepare in British Open 2022 and Dubai before returning to the PGA Tour. Genesis Tour competition, as part of the European Tour’s Middle East Swing Invitational in February.

“I’m here to win FedEx Cup points,” he said. “I really want to win the game. we were close a few months ago and I think my game is generally in a good position. I think it’s enough to compete here this week and I want to make the most of it.”

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