Phil Mickelson criticized the “amateur” who runs the game, calling the new 46-inch club length limit “stupid”. To curb the ever-increasing driving distance, R&A and USGA passed a measure to implement local rules for all professionals. Elite amateur, and British open events from January 1 next year, which will limit the club size (excluding putters). The British Open 2022 fans can buy British Open Tickets from our website.

Mickelson calling the new 46-inch club length limit stupid
Mickelson calling the new 46-inch club length limit stupid

It may apply to the British Open, US Open, and other tournaments administered by R&A and USGA, as well as the PGA Tour. It reduces the experimentation of 2020 US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau and others, who used the 48-inch driver to practice but haven’t taken him to the championship yet.

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Mickelson used a 47.9-inch driver when he won the U.S. PGA Championship in May. He quoted a phrase from the movie “Forrest Gump” to emphasize his divergence.

“Senseless is stupid.” Mrs. Gump,” he marked on Twitter.

“But really, are amateur players trying their best to dominate professional games? Are they stupid? Or are they letting professional players go?”

Limiting club length is a way for lawmakers in this sport to increase the distance over many years. And they believe this progress can be controlled.

Following the investigation that began in 2014. R&A and the United States Golf Association announced a proposal in February to limit club length to 46 inches.

However, they have now confirmed that this will be an optional option. Not a rule change, as a “model local rule” for professional British Open 2022 or elite amateur tournaments. So casual games are not affected. R&A and USGA announced that the new rules will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Mickelson used a 47.9-inch driver when he won the U.S. PGA title
Mickelson used a 47.9-inch driver when he won the U.S. PGA title

Phil Mickelson

The PGA Tour said in a statement, “We have concluded that the PGA Tour will implement local rules.”

And said the adoption of this rule is consistent with other device rule changes that the Tour has supported since 2003.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A, said: “We have taken the time to fully consult with the golf industry, including players. Major professional tournaments, and equipment builders, and have carefully considered their feedback.

“We believe this is correct for the current competition and it will give the competition organizers the flexibility to choose within the framework of the rules themselves.”

USGA CEO Mike Whan said: “It is true that this is not an ‘answer’ to the general debate/question at a distance. But a simple choice for good events.

“It is important to note that it is not a ‘rule of golf’, so it is not a mandatory requirement for ordinary recreational golfers. Rather, it is an available resource for those organizing modest events.”

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