Jason Day kicked off his US PGA Tour season this week, Battling mental demons and a sick back, what he wants from golf, and unsure of what the future holds. The British Open 2022 fans can buy British Open Tickets from our website.

Australia’s fallen star is in need of sponsorship invites to participate in the famed 78-man CJ Cup to be held in Las Vegas on Thursday, and will be using the no-advancement event to gauge his performance as he is nearly two months old not participate in the competition.

Jason Day kicked off his US PGA Tour season this week
Jason Day kicked off his US PGA Tour season this week

Win a match to qualify for the Masters, British Open 2022, and US Open. Must return to the highest 50, the previous world number one has dropped to 79th place.

So far can only be exempted from entering the PGA Championship next May as a former champion, Jason Day was a perennial contender for the Grand Slam.

“I’m different than five years ago. I’m a different person. I have different significances,” says Jason Day.

After the birth of his 4th child this year, who is also busy with his busy family life.

The 33-year-old knew he had to work smarter rather than work harder to resolve his chronic back injury.

“That made me number one in the world, I don’t attempt to do the careful same thing,” said Jason.

I know if I do this, I won’t be able to get there because my body can’t stand it.

“I can and familiarize as I move onward because I have to someway be able to learn as much as. Jason Day’s physical disability also had a huge emotional impact on the people of Queensland. We’re all fighting demons, especially as golfers. This is a more private sport,” he said.

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Jason was a perennial contender for the Grand Slam
Jason was a perennial contender for the Grand Slam

“That golf isn’t the thing that defines me just want to try and find out. Day has not won since 2018 and hopes to extend his career for ten years or more through physical and mental training.

“It has no motivation you learn to, I will either quit the game, I’m trying to solve it. Because I don’t want to feel that way, how can I deal with it and resolve it positively and be able to in a healthy way. I will really enjoy myself on the golf course, this, in the next 10 or 15 years, if I want to while playing at a high level,” said Day.

Should I climb that mountain that’s for sure? But I have to relax, I have to be smarter because if I’m not smart, it might be short-lived.”

Australia’s number one Cameron Smith will also enter the competition for the first time this season, while Marc Leishman, Adam Scott, Matt Jones, and Cam Davis have been world leaders since last week.

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