Carlo Ancelotti had supposed there was no need to go furious but no one was snooping and why would they now. Suddenly lots of men were hurrying down the touchline chasing Karim Benzema’s quick hat-trick. Fans can buy Tickets for Champions League Final from our website

The Frenchman vanished under a mound of bodies in the crook while around them 60,000 people lost their heads. The noise was so brash ears bled and a song went up. It ran “that’s how Madrid win!”

Real's Karim Benzema heroic hat-trick against PSG
Real’s Karim Benzema heroic hat-trick against PSG

Madrid had been obliged to be only one goal down. Counted by the special Kylian Mbappé, who they trust will experience these nights with them one day, when an absurd mistake from Gianluigi Donnarumma had handed them a lifeline they gripped to. Now two strikes in a minute gave Benzema a hat-trick that seized him above Alfredo Di Stefano in the all-time scoring charts and Madrid into the Champions League quarter-final.

There was something pathetic about Madrid’s first and comic book about the second, 36-year-old Luka Modric running from virtually his area to PSG’s, trailed by blue shirts. He played in Benzema to put Madrid into the lead here and level on amassed. There hadn’t been time to digest that when Madrid recorded the third, Benzema skillfully routing home, pandemonium breaking out.

Ancelotti’s proposal

Absorbing the rest of this will take even lengthier. That will be true in Madrid and Paris, left with another failure to anticipate in Champions League Final 2022. A failure that, for all its ruthless logic given the nature of the club. Had been ridiculous for much of a match that Mbappé enhanced. At its end, Madrid’s players tripped to their knees, history made.

It didn’t necessarily be like this but it was much improved this way. Ancelotti’s proposal that they needn’t go mad because they only needed one was cogent enough but there was little rationale about this, and as it turned out they wanted three. They got them all in a second half that shook the foundations here, obliterating everything seen in the first, when a frustrated evenness had taken hold.

Karim Benzema Real Madrid great survivor
Karim Benzema Real Madrid great survivor

If Madrid started on the facade foot, Vinícius jaunty up the left three times in 10 minutes. It had not lasted long. One of those runs had finished with PSG break that settled with Mbappé drawing a save from Thibaut Courtois which would be just the first of many and Madrid’s early energy dissolute. That was doubly inadequate because when they did seldom succeed in pressing, PSG looked decidedly uneasy.

Mostly though, the guests looked happy, taking control and often at walking pace, until Mbappé quicker. He and Neymar soon brought saves from Courtois. Nervous whistles ringing out as the visitors’ possession became droning before Champions League Final.

Ancelotti had spoken about just demanding to be in the game. Which at this point felt like the finest Madrid could desire to and a temporary state anyway, but which would be exposed as words of wisdom. From nowhere Benzema bent an extraordinary shot past the post, via Donnarumma’s fingers.

Benzema’s quick hat-trick

Two more cautions came with Benzema’s quick hat-trick and there was a tension to PSG defensively, a tendency to give the ball away in compromising places that hinted at the price they would later pay, Ancelotti’s point confirmed in Champions League Final 2022.

Still, what ultimately stretched seemed a world away. A lovely exchange between Lionel Messi and Neymar tracked before Mbappé scored only for Nuno Mendes to be lined offside. PSG did then get the lead when Neymar’s quick ball unrestricted Mbappé. Departing from his half, he touched the edge of the area, slowed. Looked Courtois in the eye, and ended with an apparent ease that was almost offensive.

Real Madrid leading man Karim Benzema
Real Madrid leading man Karim Benzema

Another coincidental was missed just before half-time, allowing Madrid to stop and clear their heads before it was too late. It might have been when Mbappé trod past a puzzled Courtois without even touching the ball and scored early in the second retro. Again, the ensign went up, and the next time he was sent clear Militão and David Alaba jumped to stop him, that valor a herald call.

Madrid had more of the ball currently, defying. Soon had the goal that distorted this place, Donnarumma’s gift-giving them a way back. Gathered by Benzema, he lost possession nearly on his line. Vinícius collected and bowled to Benzema to score before Champions League Final big match.

A minute later, Benzema’s quick hat-trick just wide and the Bernabéu vented, believing this could happen. Could? Would. PSG looked horrified, caught in a storm. And a unique stage was set up for the kind of comeback Madrid has erected a history upon. is the best website for all Football Events and Champions League Final 2022 Tickets. The Champion League Final fans can buy Champions League Final Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.