The one thing that stood out for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday was the aggressive line not for a positive cause. Long story short, their souls have been robbed. In most cases, the problem is in the left-back position and the right-hand tackle position, but nevertheless, this is enough for the Falcons to lose the game. Fans can buy Atlanta NFL London Tickets and Falcons vs Jets Tickets from our website.

If the team hopes to have a chance of winning the upcoming matches, it is crucial to find any kind of improvement in advance. Things could get worse for the Atlanta Falcons.

Things could get worse for the Atlanta Falcons
Things could get worse for the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday, followed by the New York Giants, Washington Football Team, and New York Jets. To say the least, this is not a good scenario for the Falcons.

The Buccaneers have one of the best defenses in the NFL London, led by Vita Vea, Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Shaq Barrett.

It’s a terrible idea to think about Shaq Barrett and Caleb McGary when Vita Wea is blocked by Jalen Mayfield. If you think Sunday is bad for Matt Ryan, you might want to watch the game blindfolded. The following week, the Falcons will face the New York Giants.

Regular fans may think this will be an easy match-up on the offensive line, but it isn’t. They are led by the revived mammoths of Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence. This is not easy for the Falcons’ attack.

However, if you compare them to the fourth week of the game, this might be a piece of cake.

Washington comes to town with one of the best defenses in the entire NFL. Led by Chase Young, Montes Sweat, Jonathan Allen, and Darron Payne, they have absurd talent in their lineup.

Things could get worse before parting at the start of a bye week
Things could get worse before parting at the start of a bye week

What can I say? This is arguably the worst nightmare Falcon fans can imagine. The team needs to improve significantly to compete with Washington, even the Washington quarterback is concerned. In the last week before Goodbye Week, they head to London to play against the New York Jets.

Out of all these teams, this may be the easiest route they take, but they do have some personal talent.

Sheldon Rankins is a well-known player. After an injury-ridden career, he switched from the Saints. Folorunsi Fatukasi may not be a starter, but he has already shown that he can complete high-level work for New York. Of all their wingers you worry about Quinning Williams.

The top three overall picks have improved in every game he has participated in. He has an elite speed that may be hard to stop.

The farewell week may not be early enough for the Atlanta Falcons. Seeing their defense in the first five weeks is the foundation for you to make a horror movie. Just because of their left-back and right tackle positions, the Falcons could lose in earnest as they head into the farewell week. Fans of the Atlanta Falcons may want to put on a blindfold to watch the future game. is the best website for all sports and Atlanta Falcons Tickets. The NFL London fans can buy Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.