Anthony Joshua has called Tyson Fury “a fraud” with his undisputed title fight on the brink of collapse. After being given a 48-hour time before he was ordered to face Oleksandr Usyk. The governing body’s stance Wednesday night is a new blow to the fight planned. By the undisputed heavyweight championship between Joshua and Fury for August 14 in Saudi Arabia. The fans can buy Tyson Fury boxing tickets 2021 from our website at exclusively discountable prices.

Anthony Joshua calls Tyson Fury ‘ a cheater ‘ after he was given a 48-hours WBO deadline before Oleksandr Usyk fight ordered

The court ruled On Monday that WBC champion Fury must face Deontay Wilder again by September 15. Meaning the IFF, WBA, and WBA incumbent Joshua could fight Usyk next time.

“The world now sees you for the deception you are,” Joshua wrote on social media in Fury’s direction. “Boxing failed! You lied to the fans and kept them going. I used my name for influence, not combat.

“Bring me any championship wrestler who can run your business properly.” Fury replied: “You’re more full of [garbage] than [promoter Eddie Hearn]. His entire team knew there was arbitration underway; It was out of my hands! If I’m a fraud, let’s fight with our naked knuckles this weekend until a man quits.”

Joshua replied: “If there is arbitration going on, why to tell the world that we are fighting! The fight has been signed!

“I’ll slap your bald head and you’ll do nothing! Fury called Joshua a “bottle job” then added: “I’ll smoke Wilder first. Then you’ll get yours as well.” For Tyson Fury, boxing tickets visit our website.

Anthony Joshua set to fight Usyk             

Usyk was called Joshua’s “Plan B” by promoter Eddie Hearn because he is the obligatory challenger to the OMB. Which the fight is now two days away from being ordered. . OMB originally agreed to waive Usyk’s right to a shot in the belt. Because of the extent of the planned undisputed title fight. “OMB is extremely happy because its mandatory challenger will face its heavyweight champion,” Usyku promoter Alexander Krassyuk said.

“What else can they desire? We’re waiting for their letter of approval!”

WBO President Paco Valcarcel said Tuesday night, “I hope boxing fans enjoy the Joshua vs. Usyk fight in the near future.” The target date for Joshua vs Usyk is in August. At “most likely a big open-air place in the UK,” krassyuk says. Usyk had previously held talks with Joe Joyce for the interim WBO title while awaiting the winner Joshua vs Fury. The fans can buy Anthony Joshua boxing tickets 2021 from our website.

“Usyk said that when he received my message. He had crossed the English Channel and asked him what turn he should turn to,” Krassjuk joked. “He was glad to know.”

Krassyuk had previously responded to the court’s decision to confront Wilder: “There is no other reasonable excuse for AJ now. If you’re not avoiding Usyk, it’s time to face the obligatory!

Anthony Joshua calls Tyson Fury ‘ a cheater ‘ after he was given a 48-hours WBO deadline before Oleksandr Usyk fight ordered

Can Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury be salvaged?

Promoter Eddie Hearn considered whether the undisputed title fight could be postponed. Until December so Fury could meet Wilder and Joshua for the first time to meet Usyk. Asked about the August 14 date in Saudi Arabia for Joshua vs Fury, Hearn said: “Do I have hope? I don’t know.

“We were told that arbitration would not be a problem. But it is, of course, a problem.” We have to think about our feet. We must act accordingly. We still hope the fight will continue, but it’s not in our hands. is the best website for all sports and Boxing tickets. The fans can buy Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury boxing tickets 2021 from our website at massively discounted prices.