Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing are the three equestrian sports. That have been formally confirmed for the Paris Olympic Paris 2024 program. The full quota of 200 athlete/horse combinations. As well as the six events team and individual across each of the three disciplines have already been approved.

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The Olympic Quota and Status of Equestrian Sports are maintained: France Olympic

The whole schedule for Paris 2024 was formally authorized during today’s IOC Executive Board online meeting. During which the confirmation was announced. A formal letter from IOC Director General Christophe De Kepper included information. On the athlete quotas for each International Federation’s sport as well as the event schedule.

With the ratification, equestrians will continue to be limited to 75 combinations of athletes. And horses for Jumping, 65 for Eventing, and 60 for Dressage.

Ingmar De Vos, president of the FEI and an IOC member, said, “We are very pleased to get formal approval of our three disciplines for Paris 2024. From the IOC Executive Board and also confirmation that our athlete quota stays unchanged at 200.

This affirmation also serves as a thank-you for the efforts made by the FEI. And the equestrian community to broaden the fan base and enhance digital figures for our sport. We are very grateful that the IOC left our quota alone. Because we were aware that it needed to be reduced to 10,500 participants. for the entire Games. However, because our sport has developed so much in the last ten years, doing so would have been bad for the inclusivity of our Olympic games.

Olympic Equestrian Jumping Events in Versailles

The King Louis XIV Palace will serve as a spectacular background for the equestrian competitions, which will take place on one of the most recognizable Games sites in the French capital’s Versailles grounds. The Modern Pentathlon will also take place within the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Versailles has once again been confirmed as the Olympic Equestrian venue for the 2024 Paris Games.

The Versailles Gardens will once again serve as the site for equestrian. And Para equestrian competitions during the Olympic Paris 2024 Games in Paris.

A revised venue design has resulted from recent budget adjustments. That sought to save 400 million euros as a result of the corona pandemic.

As stated in 2017, the intentions to host horse racing at Versailles are still in place.

As the competition arena will be situated at the far end of the gardens. The Louis XIV royal palace will serve as a distant backdrop for the Olympic horse sport.

On this UNESCO World Heritage Site, a temporary structure will have 20,000 seats available for spectators. The 80,000 estimated spectator capacity for cross-country has been reduced to 62,000.

Versailles is “green” and promotes France’s rich cultural legacy, two of the key objectives of the Paris Games.

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Equestrian Sport Keeps Olympic Status for Olympic Paris 2024 Games, New Format for 2020 Games Approved

The inclusion of horse sports in the Olympic schedule for the Olympic Paris 2024 Games has been reaffirmed by the International Olympic Committee today. The Olympic formats provided by the FEI for the Tokyo 2020 Games have also been approved by the IOC. The equestrian quota for the 2020 Olympics is unchanging.

“The IOC’s confirmation of equestrian on the Olympic program for the 2024 Games. And approval of the new formats for Tokyo 2020 is a direct acknowledgment of our willingness to adapt and modernize our sport. So all the work to drive change and increase universality has been worthwhile,” said FEI President Ingmar De Vos.

 We can now raise the number of flags in equestrian sport. Following the Agenda 2020 proposals thanks to the approval of the forms for Tokyo. Our new formats give athletes from more nations than ever the chance to one day realize their dream of representing their country at the Olympic Games. Because there are currently more than 30,000 athletes registered to compete in our three Olympic disciplines. And those numbers are rising every year.

Paris 2024: No-drop scoring across the Olympic disciplines

The new forms include the use of reserve athletes (horses and riders) for medical reasons, teams of three. And no-drop scoring across the Olympic disciplines (Eventing, Dressage, and Jumping). Following nearly two years of discussion. The format changes were approved by the FEI’s member National Federations at the 2016 FEI General Assembly in Tokyo (JPN).

Making such significant changes to our Olympic forms wasn’t easy for our community. But the National Federations understood the significance of this choice and ultimately supported the suggested adjustments. Without a doubt, their readiness to accept the change is what led to today’s wonderful IOC announcement. 

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Ingmar De Vos also praised the IOC Executive Board

Ingmar De Vos also praised the IOC Executive Board’s statement today. That it had unanimously agreed to a working group’s suggestion. That the 2024 and 2028 Games be awarded later this year. If approved, the two Games will be assigned at the IOC Session in Lima (PER) in mid-September. With Paris (FRA) and Los Angeles (USA) as the two candidate locations. The recommendation will be voted on at an IOC Extraordinary Session in Lausanne (SUI) next month. Equestrian venues in Paris and Los Angeles

We have visited the equestrian venues in Paris and Los Angeles. And we’re thrilled that they will host the following two Olympic Games after Tokyo 2020. Both of these facilities provide a great opportunity to promote our sport. As the equestrian event will be held on the grounds of Versailles. We will have a legendary location in Paris. With the chateau serving as a truly spectacular backdrop for both the stadium and the cross country. And for Los Angeles. We’ll be in a former golf course in the stunning Sepulveda Basin, just 15 minutes from the Athletes Village. 

Paris 2024: Annika Schleu, Resilience & Sportsmanship in Olympic Equestrian Jumping.

The fact that France and the United States have successful and long-standing equestrian traditions. Gives us a great opportunity to execute the Games cost-effectively, and there will be tremendous public support for our sport.

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